Ladies: Find Your Bliss with the Help of a Sex Coach

Ladies: Find Your Bliss with the Help of a Sex Coach

by Dr. Namita Caen, WASC Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist

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Myth: Sex Coaching Is Only For Couples

Too many women suffer from shame, embarrassment, unsatisfying sex, or a lack of confidence during sexual encounters because we feel the pressure to perform in the bedroom, without any support for our own pleasure needs.

Because our society rarely discusses sexual problems openly, it’s easy to overlook sex and intimacy coaching as an incredible resource, and not just for couples. Sex coaching is confidential, judgment-free, and is there to fully support all your questions and needs.

When Is Sex Coaching Helpful

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You can benefit from sex coaching if you have ever experienced:

• Lack of satisfying sex with a partner
• Low libido or concerns about orgasm
• Painful or uncomfortable sex
• Negative body image or body issues from childbirth, aging, or menopause
• Difficulty communicating about sex and expressing your true needs
• Inexperience or questions around losing your virginity

You’ll learn more about how your body really works and what brings you pleasure as well as the opportunity to work through challenges such as shyness, body image and possible trauma.

Sex Coaching Helps Whether or Not You Have a Partner

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Learning new skills, and how to communicate effectively about sexuality, can help you navigate 21st century dating at any age and help you bring your ideal lover into your life.

Maybe you have a new lover and you’re feeling nervous or you’re discovering new aspects of your identity such as motherhood or a change in sexual preferences.

Seeing a sex coach can also help you experience sex more fully by exploring deeper levels of pleasure, g-spot stimulation, female ejaculation, sex toys, or new ways to pleasure yourself. 

You really can ask a sex and intimacy coach anything you want about sex without fear or judgment. It’s a great way to learn more about your sexual anatomy and find out what really works for you.

A Sex Coach Can Help You Find Your Bliss

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The female body is capable of incredible bliss – we are so fortunate in that we’re built with an organ whose sole purpose is pleasure! Sex is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to feel good, and when we have a healthy attitude about it, get to know our own bodies, and have the courage to ask for what we want, there’s no limit to the joy and pleasure we can experience.

Would you like a private conversation to see how sex coaching can help you? Contact me, I would be delighted to speak with you.