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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a World Association of Sex Coaches Professional Member!

Hello and welcome to the World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC)!

It takes courage to reach out to someone with sexual issues, concerns, and questions. When you do, you want to be treated with confidentiality, respect, and competence.

Our International Directory of Sex Coaches is a trusted resource for people like you all over the world. Our members are experts hand-picked from the entire global marketplace. To become members of the Association, they have met stringent competency standards in both sexology and coaching skills.

Some of our sex coaches and allied sexuality professionals work with people in their local area in-person, while others work virtually by phone or videoconference. Many offer workshops, group coaching, write books or blogs, lead webinars or TED talks and have programs or resources to meet your needs in a variety of ways.

We call sex coaching the “New Sexual Revolution” because it is changing the way people are discovering real solutions to their most challenging sexual concerns. With our professionals, you will find sexual healing, resolve your sexual or relationship roadblocks, and achieve your own sexual self-realization.

Click “Search Now” at the bottom of this page to view the full directory. You’ll find the best person to work with your sexual issues and concerns today, and you can contact them directly through their listing.

Reason #1: You Get to Work with the Best, In a Short Amount of Time

At the World Association of Sex Coaches, you will find the best sexuality specialists in the world. Working with a non-pathologizing, de-medicalizing and results-driven approach, you are going to find solutions to your sexual and relationship roadblocks in a short amount of time. You will save time and money!

Reason #2: Your Professional Will Have Top Credentials

We know that today’s savvy consumers want proof of value and want professionals addressing their sexual issues who have credentials.

All of our sex coaches or sex experts go through a stringent application process, and only those that meet our standard of competency and embrace our Code of Ethics are awarded membership. Our members are qualified to serve your needs.

Reason #3: You Get to Work on the Cutting Edge

Sex coaching is the new way to solve sexual challenges today. The medical model and psychotherapy fail over 90% of their clients when it comes to talking about sex. Sex Coaching IS the “New Sexual Revolution”.

Reason #4: You Get to Work in Person or Virtually from Anywhere

You can work in person to experience that personal connection with your coach. Or you can meet by phone or Skype virtually, letting you talk at times and in places that are convenient for you. Many of our experts also lead amazing workshops or offer webinars and coaching groups.

Don’t you want to have options for when, where and how you work with an expert to help you solve your sexual issues?

Reason #5: You Get to Work with Qualified Experts in Specialty Areas

You want to work with the “go to” expert in your area – or even the proven global expert – and you can do this with our certified sex coaches and sex experts. Are you bi or kink curious? Struggling in a sexless relationship? Never felt the confidence to be great in bed? Faking orgasms?

Don’t you want the very best for yourself and for your relationship to flourish? Yes, you do!