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Director’s Welcome

Dear visitors and members,

Welcome to the World Association of Sex Coaches!

A new age is dawning, and people are talking about sexuality more than ever before. No longer bound to hiding in the shadows, celebrations of identity, orientation, expression, and pleasure are erupting worldwide!

This brings glorious openings and opportunities, but can also raise questions for individuals:

• How do I navigate this landscape?
• Who am I—how do these labels apply to me?
• Where can I learn more?
• How do I know if this coach or educator is the right fit for me? Are they legit?

For sexological professionals, questions might include:

• How can I enhance my visibility as a certified care provider?
• My services conflict with the boundaries of some professional bodies, but they are essential to my work. Where do I fit?
• Where can I go for high-quality and current continued professional development?
• I am the only professional in my area—where can I meet my colleagues for networking and to feel less alone in the world?

These are questions WASC endeavors to answer. Our network provides a directory of certified sex coaches and allied professionals around the world and access to exciting resources in our affiliate partners. Here, you can find experts on nearly every aspect of human sexuality. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate a long-term relationship, explore your own identity, talk to your kids, or try something new, we have someone for you.

WASC promotes continued professional development and ethical standards. We affirm sexuality as a core component of well-being and life experience.

There is a need around the world for better comprehensive sex education as well as knowledgeable and compassionate support. When sexologists gather, dialogue tends to center on the need to get sex-positive messages into the community because it will make a difference in quality of life for that community. Fewer unwanted pregnancies, less domestic violence, more connectedness and shared pleasure, a healthier sense of self! These may seem like small, individual goals, but we believe the benefits radiate out to create healthier families and communities.

To this end, WASC members are in alignment with the WAS Declarations of Sexual Rights and Pleasure. We affirm the value of training, certification, and ongoing professional development for our members. Our members are vocal in their communities and professional circles to promote sexual wellbeing.

If you are looking for support, I invite you to explore our directory.

If you are looking to connect with your professional peers, welcome home!

With pleasure,

Celina Criss, PhD,
CSC Executive Director

A Certified Sex Coach, Celina (she/her) encourages exploration and celebration of individual sexuality. She believes that sexual wellbeing, pleasure, and expression are essential components of the human experience. She is the Curriculum Director at Sex Coach U, has a private practice in Munich, Germany, and leads Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) Trainings internationally.