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Director’s Welcome

Welcome to the cutting edge – to the new sexual revolution of sex coaching!

Sex coaching is a paradigm shift. It is a departure from the medical model of human sexuality, the model that looks for dysfunction. Instead, sex coaching takes the rich knowledge base of sexology and helps people to create change through a coaching approach. This approach is sex positive, empowering, and whole-person centered.

Sex coaching is an incredible option for people seeking help with their sexual concerns and for helping professionals searching for a new way to help clients achieve profound results.

As the Executive Director of the World Association of Sex Coaches, my mission is to make sure people know that sex coaches and allied sexuality professionals are available to meet a variety of clients’ needs. We’re well trained, we’re accessible worldwide, and we can help deliver results for better sex lives.

The need is real. The lack of comprehensive sex education in our world is staggering, and it creates confusion and pain in people’s lives. Even talking about sex can be difficult. In a world like this, it can be hard to know which information to trust and who can help.

The World Association of Sex Coaches is the premier professional association for sex coaches and allied sexuality professionals world-wide. Our certification standards and requirements are rigorous and comprehensive. Our advisory board includes many of the leading lights in sexology, ensuring that the bar is held high.

Members of the World Association of Sex Coaches are a global network of peer professionals. The Association provides ongoing professional development and networking opportunities to its members, helping them stay at the top of their game.

The World Association of Sex Coaches provides an International Directory of Sex Coaches. This is a rich resource for people looking for help with their sexual concerns, as well as for media looking for a sex expert. You can reach out directly to a professional sex coach after reviewing their areas of expertise, safe in the knowledge that they are qualified to assist.

So whether you are a Certified Sex Coach, a helping professional looking to expand your practice, interested in becoming a sex coach, looking for a trusted professional to help you with your sexual concerns, or a member of the media looking for just the right sex expert, you are welcome here.

With Kind Regards,

Sarah Martin


Sarah Martin joins the World Association of Sex Coaches with a strong track record of leadership and operations management success at technology driven start-ups. She is a Certified Sex Coach in practice since 2016 and is the top sex coach for software developers. She is the creator of Sexual Craftsmanship, a six part model for developing sexual confidence. She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.