Zoë Rozar: This Life, this Death, No repeat, No rewind, No Pause.

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Counselor
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Social Worker

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

I graduated from Sex Coach U as a clinical sexologist and sex coach in June 2020.

While being an archaeologist, a social researcher and GeoMedical technician in training ,with a track record in permaculture design and teaching, allows me to empower the landscape for the benefit of public health.

Sex coaching and clinical sexology allows me to bring more joy to your experience of being alive and to answer questions you are maybe too shy to ask.

It might seem like my studies are unrelated between archaeology, social engineering, permaculture and planetary health; however, it is because of this parkour that I realised how sexual health and well-being are crucial in keeping humans happy, whatever their aspirations are, whatever their team efforts are. We all bare scared and discomforts when it comes to out emotional well-being, I have found joy is empowering the people that come to T.H.O.R thrive beyond their personal barriers.

​I am here to empower your journey to resolve your concerns and achieve the sexual well-being vision you have for yourself.

You can learn more about me at my website.


200 GBP/session (typically 50 min talk based session + report and follow up messaging)

Professional Philosophy:

I have always been invested in understanding the nature of dissatisfaction and suffering, especially after my own events. We learn to master our wounds, transforming vulnerability into opportunity for growth. It is often in this recovery that we find pathways and solutions we simply need to put in the service of others. I don’t want anyone spending as much time as I did on getting on with living and experiencing the happiness that we deny ourselves, every second we worry. Because honest self love and self respect lead to improved living conditions, to reinforce my existing skill set, I became a sex coach and clinical sexologist able to hear out your concerns whether you feel you are highly sexual, demi-sexual or asexual. THIS One life, no repeat, might as well enjoy every moment here and not waste 1 second dwelling too long.

1 – I am direct with regards to what I can and cannot do
2 – I have been trained to be clear and meticulous so that you get the best out of me
3 – I point out limitations and vague statements when I hear them. I will take you to the inner and outer edge of your comfort zone since: it is only outside of what you are used to doing that you learn different ways of perceiving your truth.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Under the theme of self recovery and reconnection:
Delayed ejaculation
Premature ejaculation
Libido concerns

Under the theme of couple intimacy:
Going over trauma barriers
Knowing your communication style for transparency
Enjoying the moment further
Mitigating the risk of non disclosed affairs (extra marital or beyond the relationship dynamic )

Under the theme of corporate relationships:
Boundary setting in professional relationships

Areas of Specialization:

My strength has been to empower individuals to reclaim themselves and their dreams towards sexual health and wellbeing that has, brought about positive life changes in everyday life and relationships whether intimate or not.

Primary Audiences Served:

People who wish to be more connected to their relationship counterparts – you want to know why you feel the love but you do not feel the intimacy
People who feel the need to reconnect to themselves after any event that has left them out of balance – I want myself back
People who fear cheating on their partners – I am scared to stray because I am not satisfied even though I love.

Skype ID: zoe_louix