Svetlana Fedorova: Sex Coach and Counselor

• Sex Coach
• Sex Expert
• Counselor
• Tantra
• Sensuality

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

EdS degree in English Philology and Pedagogy (Samara State University)
Certified Transformational, Solution-Focused and Life Coach at Universal Coach Institute
Training in Fundamentals of Sexology and Sexual Pathology at University of Classical and Modern Psychology, Psychotherapy and Coaching
Training in Fundamentals of psychological counseling and coaching in Sexology at Moscow Institute of Sexology (MIS)

Professional Philosophy:

I am a strong believer that a happy and healthy sexual life can enrich and improve our overall well-being! My mission is to help people heal their attitude towards sexuality, explore their sensuality, connect to eroticism, acquire a desire to live deliciously and colorfully, learn how to love, receive and give pleasure!

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I am offering:
1:1 online consultations to people who have struggles around their sexual lives and relationships.
Online courses for women “Sensual Intelligence” and “Keys to Your Sexual Desire”

Areas of Specialization:

I am working with the following problems:

– negative attitude and beliefs about sex and body:
“I am scared, I am ashamed, I can’t…”.
“I don’t like my body. I am not sexy. I don’t deserve pleasure.”

– inability to achieve orgasms
– weak and rare orgasms
– inability to relax, let go of control and turn off your thoughts before or during sex
– lack of sexual desire or interest in sex
– boredom in bed
– inability to get aroused, get lubricated during sexual activity
– inability to have orgasms with a partner
– feeling the inadequacy in bed:
“Something is wrong with me.”
“I am not desirable.”
“I am a freak. I am a pervert.”

– lost connection with a partner:
“I don’t want them anymore.”

– inability to communicate with a partner openly and honestly about sexual needs and desires:
“I am afraid/I don’t know how/I feel shy to talk to my partner about sex and what I want”.

– mismatched libidos:
“My partner wants sex more often than I do.”
“I don’t need as much sex as they do”.

Primary Audiences Served: