Stormy Hill OTR/L, MD, Certified Sex Coach:
Helping you live a life turned on – in and out of the bedroom

• Clinical Sexologist
• Allied Professional
• Sex Expert
• Sacred Sexuality
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Stormy is the founder and creator of Love Deep Lab. Her own sacred sexuality journey began over a decade ago with Tantra, breathwork, meditation, yoga and therapy. It has been an epic adventure with successes and failures that included toxic relationships, wavering self-esteem, and disconnection from her own body.

Her medical degree and OT degree provide her with an amazing depth and appreciation for the brain and how it works neurologically in regards to sensuality and pleasure. Her background allows her to weave in the cerebral with the somatic in a way that brings in your brain, body, and heart. This work is her deepest passion and her greatest honor along with being a momma to an amazing 18 year old with autism.

Professional Philosophy:

Pleasure is our birthright and we are all sexual beings and came from sexual energy. As we learn to tap into our sexual power, move it, and cultivate it we move through life more powerfully and passionately. We all deserve to live this one life turned on – both in and out of the bedroom.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

1:1 virtual coaching with men, women and couples.
Small group online instruction.
Personal Development PDF series.
Pleasure challenges.
Online workshops.

Areas of Specialization:

Men’s Work
Couple’s Work
Feminine Embodiment
Tantra/Sacred Sexuality
Mindfulness training
Conscious Kink

Primary Audiences Served:

Men, women and couples

Office Hours:

M-F 9-5 pm MST