Stacie Ysidro: Sex Coach Since 2010

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• Polyamory
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Somatic Arts
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Stacie Ysidro, founder of Holistic Progressions, co founder of St Pete Retreat, has been coaching individuals and couples throughout the United States over 10 years. Her passion is helping people experience erotic freedom, full self acceptance and expression with grace and ease. She most enjoys seeing the transformations in people’s sex lives extrapolate into all areas of their lives, creating more pleasure, fulfillment, passion and peace.

Her personal story of mastering life transitions, personal empowerment and navigating intimacy and connection, have given her a unique approach to transforming her client’s lives. She is an expert at transforming suffering, internal conflict and confusion into peace, joy and peak existence.

Stacie is acknowledged as a sex coach by the World Association of Sex Coaches. She is also certified by Jaiya (world renowned sexologist) as an Erotic Blueprint(™) Coach helping people to learn the language of arousal and pleasure.
Ipec business and life coach graduate and an Accelerated Evolution L1 coach.


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Professional Philosophy:

You are not broken. Exist in a space of empowerment and pleasure with grace and ease. All it takes is willingness, awareness, compassion, curiosity, courage and not giving up. How much love are you able to receive?

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Online coaching
In person immersion experiences
Multi hour to multi day retreats in St Petersburg, Florida
Erotic Blueprint ™ Breakthrough Course

Areas of Specialization:

Non traditional relating
Erotic Blueprints ™
Sacred sexuality
Non duality
Sex workers

Primary Audiences Served:

Singles and couples

Office Hours:

By appointment