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Sydney, Australia

Sam McAllery: Scientist turned Sex Coach

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sexuality Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

From researching HIV biology, to working in a biotech start-up; science has long been a passion for Sam.

This forms the foundation of Sam’s work philosophy to provide medically accurate, evidence informed approaches to their clients.

Qualifications and Experience:

– Certified Sex Coach, Sex Coach U
– Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR)
– PhD, HIV Biology, University of Sydney
– Bachelor Science Honours, Herpesviruses, University of Sydney
– Bachelor of Science (Immunology and Biochemistry), University of Sydney

Professional Philosophy:

Sam provides a positive space for my clients to explore their sexual concerns.

Shame-free, Judgment-free and Criticism-free.

Our sexual selves are interwoven with who we are, yet sexuality is often shelved as a topic not to be openly-discussed openly or never at all. As a result only a narrow view of sex is considered ‘acceptable’ or ‘normal’ in society.

Shame and stigma block our access to loving and embracing our desires. Sex can be pleasurable, fun, profound and healing if the shackles of stigma are released.

Whether you’re impacted by pain, medication or shame around your concern; you have a right to sexual pleasure!

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Sex Coaching sessions, conducted online
Adult Sex Education Classes
Seminars and Keynotes

Areas of Specialization:

Whatever is on your mind, you’re not alone… here are some of the areas I can support you in…

Fantasies and Kink

– To embrace your sexual interests and fantasies, without shame or guilt
– Learn how to transform your fantasies into your sexual reality
– Break down the barriers that prevent you from communicating your desires
– Communicating your needs, wants and boundaries

Pleasure, Orgasms and Ejaculation

– Experience your first solo orgasm or orgasm with a partner
– Manage performance anxiety or overexcitement
– Getting out of your head and into your body
– Discover what gives you pleasure and how to express this to your partner
– Enhancing pleasure in your sex life

Desire and Arousal

– Explore practical ways to re-ignite your sex life
– Low desire
– Navigating differences in desire
– Learn how to prioritise intimacy and connection


– Disclosing your status in a new relationship
– Living with an STI and receiving the love and pleasure you deserve
– Navigating relationships when a partner lives with an STI

Primary Audiences Served:

Everyone is welcome in my practice. I offer a shame-free, judgment-free and criticism-free space for all gender, identity and orientations