Sacha Fossa: Holistic Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Educator, & Healing Arts Therapist

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• Polyamory
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Somatic Arts
• Tantra
• Erotic Blueprint™ Coach

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

I’m Sacha.

I can help you get the hot juicy sex life you’ve been wanting, partnered or not!
I’m sure you have noticed, your sex life, solo and/or partnered, is either supporting or denigrating your health and relationships, and even wealth and career.

I experienced far too much personal drama, trauma, and preventable suffering due to a lack of accurate and positive sex and relationship educations.

So I made it my mission to get the best ongoing education in these fields I can and to support others to have the knowledge, tools, awareness, skills and more they need to live more bliss and ecstasy rather than pain, in what could very well be the most important parts of ourselves and lives.

My credentials include:
-Masters Degree in Health Arts & Sciences
-Advanced Certified Tantric Educator
-Planned Parenthood Sex Educator Certified
-Licensed Erotic Blueprint Coach™
-Certifications in over 20 Healing Arts & Therapies
-2 decades of study and practice in the Holistic and Erotic Arts

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Depends on the session or program. Please refer to my website for pricing.

Professional Philosophy:

Sacred Temple Arts Approach

The weaving of Holistic Arts and Therapies into our sex, intimacy, and relationship coaching sessions creates a mind-body-soul-plus sex and spirit-embodied alchemy.

Private sessions and programs are a deep dive into sexual-spiritual awakening, tantra, healing, empowerment, and wellness. Your life and body rapidly transform as a result of your new inner experiences of igniting, directing, and cultivating your sexual energy, for more pleasure and vitality.

Sex is about energy, not effort. You can study and learn all the techniques you like, but you will never be a Master lover, to yourself or another, in or out of the bedroom, until you have learned how to expand your Consciousness and to direct and play with energy.

Don’t be just a fucker, become a Master Lover!

Sacha’s Sacred Temple Arts will help you awaken and embody your sacred temple, your body, through ancient and modern healing arts. Ancient temple arts, practices of long ago in Egypt, China, Persia, India and Greece, all had something in common. They celebrated the feminine and the sacred union of the feminine and masculine. Rituals included sensual and sexual ceremonies. They knew how to cultivate and expand energy internally, how to transmit this energy to another, and how to bring this energy through their lives in creative expression. To be charged with life. Tapped In. Tuned in, Turned ON.

Working with sexual energy is playing with fire. It is essential to have an experienced guide to help you navigate this path. You will be asked to: become more open-minded, learn and experiment with an updated, accurate, sex education, release limiting beliefs and trauma, be willing to reclaim how powerful you actually are, and incorporate and expand new levels of pleasure and orgasm into your life.

My motto is: Choose Pleasure As A Way Of Life

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Range of Services/Programs Offered:

You Can Have the Sex & Love Life You Want!
Become More Orgasmic. Partnered or Not.
Better Yet, Start Living Orgasmically!

Sacred Temple Arts has helped clients, and can help you…

  • Determine what your best sex & love life looks like, and create an actionable plan to get there.
  • Increase sexual energy, passion, desire, connection and overall wellness.
  • Heal sexual issues, problems and challenges including: addiction (to sex and/or porn), erectile dysfunction, painful sex, shame, guilt, confusion, trauma, abuse and negative beliefs effecting sexual connection, performance and orgasm.
  • Benefit from new intimacy and communication skills.
  • Heal from past heartache and relationships.
  • Actualize a happy life and partnership(s
  • Understand the opposite sex, and how to get what you need from them.
  • Recover from affairs.
  • Discover and navigate alternative relationship paths.
  • Become transparent, be in integrity, and create deals that really work in your relationship(s).
  • Recover from body, self-esteem and self-confidence issues.
  • Become not just empowered sexually, but in your life.
  • Play more, in and out of the bedroom.
  • Become multi-orgasmic.
  • Get an advanced sex education.
  • Become the best lover you can be.
  • Learn Tantra through experience.
  • Connect to your innate wisdom and knowing.
  • Experience profound levels of pleasure in your life.
  • Empower your desires using sexual magic.
  • Balance both giving and receiving in your life and lovemaking.
  • Magnify your ability to make your deepest fantasies come true.

Sessions and Programs are offered in person and/or virtually.
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Areas of Specialization:

Sexual Healing and Empowerment, Holistic Sexual Health and Wellness, Sex, Intimacy and Relationships, Tantra, Erotic Arts, Holistic Healing Arts & Therapies for Sexual Health and Empowerment, Erotic Blueprint™ Coaching (find out more about Erotic Blueprints™ here…

Primary Audiences Served:

18+, individuals and couples

Office Hours:

I work in person and virtually. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available.

Skype ID: sacha.fossa