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Rick Garcia: Sex Coaching that defines and evolves what sex is to you

• Sex Coach
• Sex Expert
• Polyamory
• Somatic Arts

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

My curiosity with sexology started when I was younger. Sex and sexuality were not talked about in my home growing up. Like many people, I sought answers. Growing up queer and Latino was not easy. More than anything else, I yearned to know if I was normal, if I was okay. I wondered if I could ever be happy.

I learned I had to break away from the traditional mindsets of my family and culture. I had to find my own path. I spent years asking questions, experimenting, and even failing. By learning what didn’t work for me, I discovered how to embrace my sexuality. I wish that I would have had a sex coach to help me through this process, to make the journey easier. I was lucky and able to find my path. I’m now a healthy and happy undetectable man living in Denver, C

For the last 8 years focusing on HIV and STI prevention. My days have been spent helping people find the balance between sexual health and sexual pleasure. I have learned that pleasure is the key.

Certified Sex Coach by Sex Coach University
Certified Sexologist from the American College of sexology
Licensed Massage Therapist Heritage College
Certificate of Completion Deep Dive SAR Australia
Somatiac Arts Completion Certificate through Integrative Mind-Body Therapies, LLC

Professional Philosophy:

Sex doesn’t have to include stigma or shame. Your ideal sex life is something you can achieve.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Sex Coaching for individuals and couples

Areas of Specialization:

Enhanced pleasure, open/poly relationships, men’s sexuality, kink and fetish, heterosexual couples

Primary Audiences Served:

100% inclusion