Ms Onika N. Henry: Expressive Arts Meets Sexology

•Clinical Sexologist
•Sex Coach
•Sex Educator
•Sex Expert
•Sexuality Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

With a background in Theatre Arts and Psychology (B.A.), and having been active in arts and culture, there was never a hint, that I would become so deeply involved in the field of human sexuality. But it was actually my ability to use theatre arts and cultural forms, as part of educational interventions, that lead me to a job working in HIV & AIDS Education and Prevention. This is where my interest in sexology started and to make a long story short, I sought further training in sexuality and obtained an M.Ed. Human Sexuality from Widener University (PA, USA) and I was guided to Sex Coach University by my wonderful advisor at Widener.

I am also an Expressive Arts Education Facilitator and I have some training in Psychodrama.

Professional Philosophy:

Everyone deserves to, and can experience their sexuality as healthy, fun and passionate.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Currently I offer the following:

– Group, organisational and one-to-one educational consultations that include needs assessments to determine a course of action to resolve sexual concerns and issues.

– Designing, developing and implementing bespoke workshops and training in human sexuality education as well as curricula writing, implementation and evaluation for groups and organisation.

– Teach sexuality education at tertiary level & provide community education and training programmes related to sexuality and sexual health

– Incorporate sexuality education in pre-school and primary school settings

– Advise policymakers on issues such as HIV/AIDS, adolescent pregnancies, sexual orientation, gender, and power from a multicultural perspective

– Sex Coaching for individuals and couples

Areas of Specialization:

I am a strong proponent of Theatre for Development (TfD) and passionate about social and behaviour change, especially among youth. Therefore I focus on expressive arts based sex education and sex coaching.

– Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy Products

– Sexual Health & HIV

– Sexuality & Ageing

– Youth & Healthy Sexuality

– Sexuality and Religion

– Pre-marital coaching around sexuality issues

Primary Audiences Served:

Men, Women, Couples, Youth, Schools, Religious Organisations

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