Mx. Ezra Algos: Your guide and partner in sexual exploration

• Sex Educator
• BDSM Practitioner/Specialist
• Polyamory
• Somatic Arts
• Role Play
• Author of Mindfucking Mindfully

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Ezra Algos is an Intimacy Coach at AskEzra.Info and the host of the Ask Ezra Intimacy Coaching podcast. Intimacy Coaching can help people feel safer, more connected, and closer to their lovers, partners, friends, family and even co-workers. In contrast to therapy, intimacy coaching focuses on strategies for the here and now as opposed to the past. Ezra’s approach focuses on Radical Sexual Acceptance as acceptance is the path to reduced suffering and the first step towards change.


Current rates are $189 per hour for single sessions.
Discounts are available for Trans, Non-binary, and BIPOC individuals.
Additionally, a 10% discount is available for purchases of 4 sessions or 15% for purchases of 10+ hours.

Professional Philosophy:

It is my personal and professional philosophy that all sexual urges and impulses are a beautiful part of self-expression. Even when those impulses are distressing or not acceptable. With my clients, I practice “Radical Sexual Acceptance” which serves as a pathway to acceptance and reduced suffering.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

The foundation of my work is connection and empathy. It is my job to create a safe space for exploration, experimentation, and emotion.
I offer somatic coaching, fantasy planning, BDSM skills training, Roleplay and more…

Areas of Specialization:

Age Role Play
Anal Exploration
Animal Role Play
Sexual Skill development
Consensual Power Exchange
Confidence in Bed
Dom/sub Dynamics
Edge Play
Erotic Humiliation Play
Exploring Kinks
Fantasy Fulfillment
Group Sex
Gender Expansion
Gender-Based Shame
How to Approach People
Master/slave Dynamics
Mindfucking and Mental play
Negotiating with a Partner
Overcoming Fear of Rejection
Power Exchange Dynamics
Processing Shame
Role Play
Service Submission
Sexual Empowerment
Somatic Methods
Therapeutic Kink
Top/Bottom Dynamics

Primary Audiences Served:

Women, Gay Men, and Trans folks

Office Hours:

9 AM – 9 PM PST
Check availability with the scheduling tool when you book a full session or an intro call with the link below: