Michaela d’Artois: Connect better: with yourself, with others.

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sex Expert
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Conscious sex & co-commitment in relationship

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Michaela d’Artois is a writer, Certified Sex Coach & Sexologist specializing in intimacy, connection & desire. After completing her BFA, Michaela spent over a decade as a journalist writing about the female experience for leading women’s magazines while advocating for equality, and sexual health resources for all. She has completed training in Gender and Sexuality applications in Society, as well as Sexual Attitude Reassessment.


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Professional Philosophy:

Through my work as a Certified Sex Coach, and trained Sexologist, specializing in a non-pathologizing approach to our intimate and sexual relationships with ourselves and others, I provide educational, actionable resources and practices to strengthen one’s individual capacity for emotional and erotic intelligence.

This work is rooted in pragmatic human development and informed by adult learning techniques to re-work our ways of thinking and being that have hindered us. Replacing them with a clear line of communication into our deepest desires.

Humans are the only living beings that foster intimacy on a spiritual and philosophical level. Exercising our birthright to pleasure, and investing in connection can be the keys to a life of sustained fulfillment.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Individual: These 90-minute sessions are for individuals seeking actionable tools to facilitate deeper connections through erotic & emotional intelligence.

Couple: These 90-minute sessions are for couples seeking to collaboratively better their connections through erotic & emotional intelligence.

Areas of Specialization:

Address sexual concerns
Address mismatched libido in couples
Expand emotional intelligence
Expand erotic intelligence
Address issues with communication [romantic or platonic]
Address social and dating deficit
Build confidence
Build trust in oneself
Overcome shame
Find connection after trauma
Harness your attachment style for deeper intimacy
Foster deeper and more meaningful connections
Foster conscious commitment
Foster conscious sex
Harness period health
Tap into your birthright to pleasure

Primary Audiences Served:

Female, Male, & Non-Binary identifying people of all sexual orientations

Office Hours:

M-F: 10am to 4pm PST