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Lina Shepel: Creative Sexuality

• Sex Coach
• Sex Expert
• Sex Therapist

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

I started my psychological practice in 2010 working with children. It gave me a deep insight into how emotional habits and attitudes are formed in childhood, which prevent adults from living happily and freely. Creativity and spontaneity were valuable for me in psychotherapeutic work with schoolchildren.

And one day I played enough children’s games and thought, “Isn’t it time for me to look towards adult games?” So sexuality became my area of ​​interest.

In the past, the topic of sexuality seemed to me serious and difficult. To dive into it is like entering a dark labyrinth, in which a demon with a hellish flame in its eyes is waiting around the corner. Later, I became convinced that a similar fear of sexuality prevents many people from enjoying life. That’s why I keep on helping people.

Master’s degree in Psychology (Saint Petersburg State University)
Gestalt-therapy (EAPG, Saint Petersburg Gestalt Institute)
Sexologist in New York Sexology Center
Sexotherapy in Course of Alan Heril, France


Couple Sex-Coaching (90 min) 90€
Couple therapy (80 min) 80€
Individual session (online/offline, 55 min) 70€

Professional Philosophy:

I don’t measure sexuality by numbers, I’m far from stereotypes. I don’t evaluate or judge. If I were asked to say what sexuality is for me, I would say: “This is creativity, spontaneity and lightness!” I want others to be able to discover this world full of pleasure and life.

I believe that sexuality is one of the existential concerns (as Yalom says there are death, meaning, isolation, and freedom). But sexuality is the 5th one as I suppose. The way that person lives his/her sexuality is the way to deal with such a huge amount of phenomenon of our life (pleasure, relaxation, self-expression etc).

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Offline group for couples to improve their sexual life
Online group for women to get connected with the body and sensitization

Areas of Specialization:

I help women when
– you feel pain during sex
– you have difficulties with orgasm
– you feel ashamed or guilty about your sexuality and body
– you don’t feel relaxed if being touched even when you want to
– you want to feel free and playful about your sexuality

I help couples when
– your sex life becomes boring
– your sex starts from the thought “I have to…”
– you feel disappointed after having sex with your partner
– you are keeping silent instead of talking about your sexual desires with your partner
– you can’t agree about your sexual interests

Primary Audiences Served:

Women and couples