Lea Marilyn Holzfurtner (MBA, BSC, CSC): Sex, Pleasure, and Orgasm Coach with Private Practice in Berlin

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Counselor

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Lea Marilyn (she/her) is a certified sex coach and psychological counselor. In her private practice in Berlin, she helps vulva owners who struggle with orgasm, shame, or guilt to lead a satisfying, enjoyable, and empowered sex life. As a clinical sexologist, Lea also works with couples and polycules of all genders who either lost their desire for sex or worry about potentially mismatching libidos or fantasies in a sex-positive and non-pathologizing way. Her evidence-based approach incorporates 70 years of research: From the pioneers Masters & Johnson and Alfred Kinsey and key opinion leaders such as Helen Kaplan or Beverly Whipple, as well as the experimental researchers Hartman & Fithian, to the educators Betty Dotson and Emily Nagoski. In her previous corporate life, Lea acted as Sales Director for a MarTech in Berlin after spending 10+ years in the Research sector in Dublin, London, and Munich. Her academic degrees include both an MBA (Nottingham Trent University) and a BSc in Psychology (Universität Hagen) She is certified as a sex coach by Dr. Patti Britton (SCU), the “Mother of Sex Coaching” in the States. In contrast to her colleagues in the field of somatic bodywork, Lea offers talk-based sex coaching (fully clothed, without physical contact).


Introductory Call: 50 Euro
Sex Coaching Session (75 Min, in person): 270 Euro
Coaching Packages available

Professional Philosophy:

Self-Empowerment, Expert Support, Non-Judgement, Safe Space

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Lea Marilyn offers individual sex coaching sessions for vulva owners and couples/polycules of all genders as well as workshops and self-help groups in Berlin. She authored the workbook “The Ultimate Guide to Female Orgasm”.

Areas of Specialization:

Most of Lea’s clients search her support to:
• Experience orgasms more regularly or for the first time (during partnered sex)
• Overcome desire and libido concerns
• Rekindle passion when your relationship starves sex
• Rewrite negative beliefs that keep you from enjoying sex
• Share fantasies, open up to your partner(s) and explore
• Enjoy casual dating and explore casual sex (safely)
• Explore, confirm or widen your sexual identity
• Let go of performance pressure and incorporate mindfulness to enjoy sex more
• Overcome sexual pain and thrive again

Primary Audiences Served:

Vulva owners and couples/polycules of all genders

Office Hours:

Montag 13:00–19:00 CET
Dienstag 13:00–19:00 CET
Mittwoch 13:00–15:00 CET
Donnerstag 08:00–13:00 CET
Freitag 08:00–13:00 CET