Kincaid McMinn: Royal Love Coaching

• Sex Coach
• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Educator
• Polyamory
• Sexuality Advocate
• Somatic Arts
• Dating
• Couples Concerns

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Kincaid is a proud graduate of Sex Coach U, and an honored member of the World Association of Sex Coaches.

Professional Philosophy:

I believe that so much suffering in todays world stems from improper education or an outright lack of education around Sex, Love, and Relationships. My mission is to help dispel those myths and misinformation, help you develop your greatest self-love, and if you desire, find a partner(s) who love you just as equally.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I offer One-on-one Coaching over skype and workshops covering dating and sexual skills.

Areas of Specialization:

• Dating/Dating Profile Evaluation and Coaching
• Male Sexual Concerns
• Female Sexual concerns
• Couples Coaching
• Ethical Non-Monogamy
• Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Primary Audiences Served:

Single Men and Heterosexual Couples