Kgothatso Motshele: Certified Sex Coach and BDSM Practitioner

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Polyamory
• Sexuality Advocate
• Pleasure Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Certified Sex Coach (2021) Sex Coach U

Professional Philosophy:

I believe that pleasure is a powerful gift we all have the right to explore. Being a pleasure advocate, educator and sex coach is my way of contributing to a more sex-positive world of empowered and informed individuals, who will protect others’ rights to pleasure and sexual expression as much as they feel entitled to their own.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Desire for enhanced pleasure / more intimacy and exploring new territories
Exploring sexual fluidity and issues specific to the Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diverse (GSRD) communities, including ethical non-monogamy
Early and delayed ejaculation
Difficulty sustaining erections
Pre-orgasmic primary (unable to experience an orgasm)
Pre-orgasmic secondary (able to orgasm alone, but not with a partner)
Sex and pleasure at different life stages
Body dysphoria / body image issues
Social and dating skills concerns
Sex and spirituality
Sexual trauma
Low or no sexual desire
Little or no sex in the relationship
Uneven desire in couples
Conflicting values on monogamy and infidelity
Lack of confidence or skills in pleasing yourself or your partner
Communication style conflicts (verbal and non-verbal) in relationships
Dyspareunia and Vaginismus
Individuals or couples trying to conceive
Pregnancy and STI prevention
Pregnancy and Postpartum
Life pre- and post-gender affirming surgery
Comprehensive sex education / raising informed and empowered minors
Healing for the healers (psychotherapists, coaches, medical practitioners, pastors, community leaders, sex workers etc)

Areas of Specialization:

Defining and exploring your own ideas around pleasure
Defining and exploring your own ideas around love, romance and relationships
Ethical non-monogamy
Pleasure that is not centered around reproductive organs or orgasms
BDSM and kink

Primary Audiences Served:

BIPOC, GRDR communities, Kink and BDSM communities