Kaci A Mial, M.Ed, CSC: Pregnancy and Postpartum Sex Coach

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Trying to Conceive
• Pregnancy
• Postpartum

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Kaci Mial (she/her) is a sex educator, researcher, and certified sex coach who helps individuals and couples overcome fear, shame, and obstacles so they can reach their maximum pleasure potential before, during, and after pregnancy.

-Over 11 years experience with individuals, couples, and families
-Graduated from Widener University’s Master of Human Sexuality Education program in 2018
-Certified Sex Coach with training from Sex Coach U in 2022
-Currently accepting new clients for 1:1 virtual sex coaching sessions


$150/Hr for Individuals
$200/Hr for Couples

Professional Philosophy:

My coaching style is based off of Dr. Patti Britton’s Sex Coach U MEBES model that assesses the mind, emotions, body/behaviors, energy, and spirituality. I use a variety of methods including PLISSIT, co-active coaching, and other clinical tools to create practical action plans for my virtual clients.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

1:1 Virtual Sex Coaching
Sex Education @SexCoachKaci
Speaking Engagements
Online Courses

Areas of Specialization:

Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, and Postpartum

Primary Audiences Served:

Individuals and Couples

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday : 7-10PM EST
Saturday : Closed
Sunday : 9AM – 5PM EST