Julia Beschastnaya: Certified Sex Coach since 2021

• Sex Coach
• Sex Coach Trainer
• Sex Educator

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Last year I completed course program “Fundamentals of Psychological Counseling and Coaching in Sexology” at the Center for Sexual Health and Wellness with the support of the Moscow Institute of Sexology.
At the moment for already two years I have been studying as a regression therapist at the Institute of Holistics in Estonia. These two areas are giving me inner clarity and importance of helping people opening their sexuality.


Video consultation by Skype: 25 EUR

Professional Philosophy:

Until recently, I have not allowed my sexuality to open up to its fullest. Therefore, I constantly dealt with anxiety, guilt, psychological blocks and nervousness and was dissatisfied with my inner life and sexuality and life in general. It is essential to understand that these feelings can lead to chronic fatigue, lack of energy and even depression. About a year ago, I realized that for me, sexology is so much more than just a study of sex. It is a new philosophy of life, a worldview that allows us to view ourselves, our close ones, and life through the prism of happiness and enjoy every moment.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

+ Modern sexual Tantra
+ Partner and marital sex therapy
+ Relationship harmonization in couples by methods of sex coaching and therapy
+ Solving sexual problems of women and men using psychological counseling methods

Areas of Specialization:

+ Opening and developing your own sexuality using relaxing techniques and intimate self-massage (the author Anastassia Mikheeva).
+ Coping with emotional, psychological and emotional blocks in sexual partnership.

Primary Audiences Served:

Heterosexual women and couples

Office Hours:

Online during working days

Skype ID: Beyulia11