Jamila Aisha: Do you have your WOW! yet?

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• BDSM Practitioner/Specialist
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Somatic Arts

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

My greatest skill is taking care of the world’s most valuable assets. Each and every one of you! I take care of people.

Throughout my varied career history, there has been one theme; PERSONAL CONNECTIONS. Whether I am showing people how to connect to themselves and others intimately or if I am providing social and human relations services or if I am developing communication strategies and other training programs, I have always found myself working in a capacity centered around this theme. Employment in public relations and policy programming, advocacy and consulting, and training and education only scratches the surface. My desires to connect continues to grow deeper…

I have always been interested in people and their HOW and WHY. This interest was the motivation behind the pursuit of my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design. My concentration was Costuming and Fashion History. Albeit, a somewhat roundabout way, I pursued this degree to study how people and societies used art, design, fashion, spiritual and sexual beliefs to tell the story of their culture. This degree and interest lead me down many career roads. Now, I use this interest to help people connect; introspectively, interpersonally and to the world around them.

Health Care/Wellness
• Nov 2019: Health Information Management Technology, 20 HRS towards AAS (Atlanta Technical College)
• Projected May 2024: Master of Public Health, eMPH (Morehouse School of Medicine)

:focus Sex and Intimacy
• April 2016: Consent Counts Webinar (National Coalitions of Sexual Freedom)
• February 2017: Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction I Course (Therapist Certification Association)
• March 2019: Tantric Touch Training (Atlanta Institute of Tantra and Divine Sexuality)
:focus Assault Prevention and Recovery/Victim Advocacy
• January 2014: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training (LiveSafe Resources formally YMCA of North Ga)
• June 2016: Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Training (Ga Network to End Sexual Assault)
• October 2019: Volunteer Victims Advocate Training (Air Force)

Business Admin, Communication & Organizational Culture
• May 2003: Business Admin Degree, AS (Atlanta Metropolitan College)
• February 2019: Mass Communication Degree, AS (Community College of the Air Force)
• December 2020: Marketing Specialist Certificate (Atlanta Technical College)
• June 2022: Equal Opportunity Advisor Course; EEO Mediation and Counselor Training (Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute – DEOMI)

Design and Creative
• May 2005: Fashion Design and Costuming Degree, BFA (American InterContinental University)
• December 2018: Welding and Joining Diploma; 7018 Certified (Atlanta Technical College)
• January 2014: Basic Public Affairs Course; Photojournalism Training (Defense Information School – DINFOS)


Professional Philosophy:

My name is Jamila Aisha and I want to get you in a maintenance mindset. Why should you maintain your sexual wellness? Sexual wellness combines physical, emotional, psychological and mental wellness to allow for healthy growth and change and if you are not growing and changing in a healthy way you are dying! I want to help facilitate your healthy growth and change. I want to help EMPOWER your sexual self.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

• Empowerment Coaching
Long-term empowerment coaching is recommended for those who may be dealing with or have dealt with sexual trauma. This includes spiritual/religious repression, sexual regression, physically, emotionally and mentally traumatic relationships and sexual abuse. Empowerment coaching includes a la cart somatic healing.
• Individual and Group Retreat Intensives
While coaching is intended for long-term maintenance, individual and group intensives are curated for those looking to go deeper within a shorter amount of time.
• Wellness Treatments (Somatic Healing, Full Treats Packages)
Using sacred and herbal energy my Full Treats Packages are designed to help you maintain and improve function in the four most common sexual wellness obstacles: DESIRE, AROUSAL, ORGASM and/or PAIN. If you are experiencing obstacles in any of these functions you should book a Full Treatment Package session keeping in mind regular maintenance is recommended.

I also offer ongoing private lessons, workshops, novelty kits, networking and promo events.

Connecting with me is easy. Start by booking a 30-MIN complimentary* consultation to start your process. So what are you waiting for? Allow me to help you put the WOW! into your love life!
*$20 hold assessed.

Areas of Specialization:

I specialize in:
Intimacy and Self-Empowerment Coaching
Complementary Somatic Treatments
BDSM Training
Sacred Sex Philosophies

Primary Audiences Served:

Men, Women, Couples

Office Hours:

By appointment only:
Mon – Fri (10a – 8p EST)
Sat (12p – 5p EST)