Jacee Niblett: Certified Sex Coach

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sacred Sexuality
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Certified Sex Coach

Professional Philosophy:

I believe that our sexual wellness and freedom plays a significant role in the collective healing of the whole world. My perspective on sexual well-being is science-based and holistic, with an emphasis on accurate information and personal empowerment.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I offer sex coaching for both individuals and couples, as well as less intensive more educational one-off chats for the purpose of personalized sex education.

Areas of Specialization:

My areas of specialization include sexual communication, the female orgasm, working with sexual shame, tantra and sacred sexuality, and female sexual empowerment.

Primary Audiences Served:

Cis-women in their 20-30s