Iva Veazey: LGBTQ+ Sex Coach

• LGBTQ+ Sex Coach
• LGBTQ+ for social, personal, relationship, sexual and gender issues

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Certified Sex Coach from Sex Coach University/ with a Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Diversity Focus
Advanced Sexological Personal eXploration Experience (ASPEX), 2019
Sexual Attitude Reassessment & Restructuring (SAR) training, 2018
Trauma, Attachment & Trans/Non-Binary Experiences Training with Just Conversations
Music Educator/Performer/Composer, Certified Musicians/Performance Wellness Coach
Certified Transformation Meditation Instructor
Certified in Japanese Acupressure Facial Massage
Creator & Facilitator of LGBTQ Mindfulness and Intimacy Workshops


$75 / hour for private sessions
$85 / hour for partnered sessions
Mindfulness and Intimacy LGBTQ+ workshops: prices vary. Email ivavz@me.com for specifics for your unique group.

Professional Philosophy:

My primary focus is to assist others living outside the traditional gender binary and sexuality roles to find a more fulfilling life. I utilize a sex positive approach in order to guide clients to finding their natural sexual selves. I sometimes use mindfulness/meditation time, creative exercises and home assignments, such as journaling and self awareness projects, to assist clients in bringing forth their inner gifts.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

In Person/Phone/FaceTime/Zoom sessions available Monday through Thursday. All sessions are talk only.

Mindfulness and Intimacy Workshops are dedicated to increasing your creative edge & self awareness thru mindfulness, deep relaxation, musical and artistic projects, stress reduction, cognitive restructuring, stretching, acupressure self care, and breath work. Mindfulness and Intimacy Workshop groups are designed to bring one to a greater inner awareness and outer satisfaction and health. Mindfulness and Intimacy Workshops will assist in guiding you to a more intuitive and tuned in place within your life. These workshops are LGBTQ focused to provide a safe environment for honest reflection and natural expression within a like-minded group setting.

Areas of Specialization:

• Coming Out
• Questioning Gender Identity
• Questioning Sexual Identity
• Issues Related to Homophobia/Shame
• Uneven Desire Between Partners
• Sexual Skills Enhancement
• Sexuality and Aging
• Exploring Kink

Primary Audiences Served:

Adult LGBTQ+, Post-Menopausal People

Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday 11:00am-7:00pm Eastern with Skype, FaceTime or Doxy