Irene Cerdas: Certified Sex Coach

• Sex Coach
• Sex Expert
• Self-Pleasure
• Women’s Empowerment
• Sex Positive Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

I was born and raised in Costa Rica. A small but abundantly rich country. Like any other country it has its faults, and one of them is the lack of sex education.

To some extent this never affected me. I thought that growing up and learning about sexuality “from experience”, from what my friends told me, watching on TV or reading in a magazine was the norm. But I was very curious, and this led me to look for other informational resources to learn. Throughout my adolescence and my twenties my interest in sex was purely personal.

I got my degree in photography and worked as a photographer for several years, until I had one of those existential crises and decided to do a degree in Art Therapy. This experience helped me to understand that is art and other expressions were therapeutic and healing, therefore I was still determined that I wanted to work on something that would allow me to help people and also learn from them.

After a little while it all became clear: sex education, female sexual empowerment, and the possibility of creating a more positive society in matters of sexuality was my path.

What better way to contribute and help than by giving back what I felt I needed when I was learning about sexuality?
I started by changing my photographic approach. No more editorials, events or portraits, but erotic photography. At the same time I started a “sex blog” writing about sexuality issues that I felt the vast majority had little or bad information about. I had never written in my life but the blog was a success and reaffirmed how necessary this work was.

After a year of making these changes, I finally decided to study and train as a sex coach. In the course of almost three years I dedicated myself to the blog, doing private talks called “Sex & Wine Nights”, I created a monthly event together with a mixologist and a sommelier called “Noche de Copas” a space for girls to talk about sex, cocktails and wine. I further developed erotic photography as a way to empower the more sensual side of women including an erotic self-portrait course to be done at home, I did my first weekend retreat called “Discovering our Erotic Goddess” and managed to complete my studies to become certified as a Sex Coach.

Now I’m working on these three aspects: sex coaching, talks-events, and erotic photography.

Degrees and Certifications:

-Degree in Art Therapy in Metafora Centre d’estudis d´artteràpia Barcelona, Spain

-Certified Sex Coach by Sex Coach University

-Sex Coach University Certificate of completion 50 hours of ASPEX (Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Experience)

-Certificate of Completion 20 hours of EuroSAR: Sexual Attitude Reassessment

-Bachelors Degree in Photography Universidad Veritas San José, Costa Rica.

Professional Philosophy:

My philosophy is that people with healthy, positive and pleasurable sex lives are happy and I want everyone to be happy!

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Sex Coaching for individuals and couples
Workshops, retreats, and private events
Erotic photography (as sexual female empowerment tool)

Areas of Specialization:

Most of my work is with cis gender women, helping them understand their sexuality, empowering their relationship with self-pleasure, partnered sex and helping with body image issues. I also work with heterosexual couples teaching them the sexual education they never got, how to communicate with their partners on the erotic level and how to spice up or maintain their sex lives, individually and as a couple. Also working with cis gender hetero men to better understand their own sexuality and women’s pleasure, desire and response, and to reframe old “machista” views on sex, emotions and relationships.

Primary Audiences Served:

I am 100% inclusive but I see my strengths in heterosexual couples, cis gender women and men.