Dr. Graham Stevenson: Sex & Relationship Coach and Certified Tantric Masseur

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Expert
• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Certified Sex Coach through Sex Coach University
Certified Professional Tantric Massage practitioner through John Hawken’s Paths of Transformation
Over twenty years of coaching, counselling and educating on sex and relationship issues


I offer a complementary discovery call, or you can contact me through email or see my website for more details.

Professional Philosophy:

Talking about sex is often scary. So I offer you a safe and honest space to confront your fears and discover and own your sexuality. My approach is professional but also informed by my own journey, so I tend not look backwards too much, am non-judgmental and work collaboratively towards agreed goals. I get real satisfaction out of seeing people transform from being overwhelmed and confused to walking away at peace and confident. Resolving sexual issues can be life-changing because we are dealing with an area where there is so much cultural and personal shame and guilt. I believe that sexual pleasure is one of the most basic pleasures we can have in life which also benefits our emotional, mental and physical health. My aim is to help you and your partner to explore and expand your erotic menu and improve your quality of life.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Face-to-face online sessions serving the world community with inperson sessions where possible in the UK

Areas of Specialization:

* Issues around ageing and body image
* Loss of desire, connection and satisfaction
* Issues around sex such as pain, shame and erection difficulties
* Relationships issues such as differences in desire and expectations
* Lack of knowledge, experience and confidence
* Touch and communication skills to resolve conflicts and express love

Primary Audiences Served:

Women, men and couples who want to overcome sexual and relationship issues without regard to race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Office Hours:

Weekdays normally but willing to negotiate evenings and weekends to suit your needs.

Skype ID: inteamate1