Georgia Rose: Clinical Sexologist + Sex Coach

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sexuality Advocate
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Georgia Rose is a certified clinical sexologist and sex coach, having trained under Dr Patti Britton at Sex Coach U.

Her passion area is around supporting and guiding women (and couples) towards sexual fulfilment, pleasure and wellness. Her sex coaching technique uses a holistic, whole person, body/mind integrative model that helps her clients overcome sexual concerns and reach their sexual goals.

Interrogating and re-framing the misinformation, myths and shame that surround sexuality has been a long-term mission for Georgia. Three years ago – whilst working as a TV producer in the advertising industry – she launched the digital platform G’s Spot which promotes open conversations about women’s sexuality. She had become awakened to the inadequate education, representation and general attention given to women’s sexual pleasure – and she had to do something about it! Little did she know that a journey into women’s wellness, spiritual inquiry and sexology training lay ahead of her.

Fast forwards to today and she is a certified sex coach and workshop facilitator, as well as an experiential producer under her ‘Yoga + Yonis’ brand.

1st Class Degree (Hons) in Social History at The University of Edinburgh / 2009 – 2013 (specialising in the history of sex, sexuality and gender)

Sex Coach Training at Sex Coach U

Professional Philosophy:

I am certified, conscientious, credible, calm + compassionate.

I work with enthusiasm and a commitment to deliver, backed by formal training and ongoing personal development.

I love to blend clinical sexology with holistic practices, rituals and techniques. I am curious about spirituality, energy and mindful wellness, whilst also retaining a good sense of judgement (read: calling out BS!) I have an academic background but enjoy infusing my work with a range of modalities that help my clients heal their sexual wounds and reconnect with their sense of self.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

1:1 Coaching

Areas of Specialization:

Helping women overcome sexual inhibitions and awaken their sexuality
Helping women reconnect with their sexual pleasure
Helping women regain sexual confidence, sexual desire and sexual fulfilment
Helping women overcome sexual blocks
Helping couples reconnect with one another
Helping couples navigate + overcome sexual obstacles

Primary Audiences Served:

– Women who are questioning: ‘there must be more to sex than this?’
– Women experiencing low sexual confidence, low body confidence, painful sex, low desire, orgasm difficulties and those seeking to awaken their sexuality and pleasure
– Women who want to deepen their sensual connection with themselves and their intimate relationships with their partner/s
– Couples who feel sexually disconnected from one another and want to call intimacy, sensuality, good communication and sexual spark back into their relationship