Elaine S. Turner Certified Sexologist | Sex & Relationship Coach

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach


A relationship is a journey – not a destination
Making change comes with growing pains. But so does staying the same.
If you’re waiting for a sign that it’s time for a shift – this is it.
I’m here to help you save your happiness and your relationship.Living your happily sexually after can be easy when you have the right guide.

Hi, I’m Elaine S. Turner, I’m a clinical sexologist and certified sex and relationship coach.
I’ve spent my life on both ends of that desperate phone call, to friends complaining about my relationships and hearing about theirs.
After bearing witness to so many messy break ups over poor communication and bad sex, I made it my life’s mission to make the world a better, sexier place.
What’s sexier than confidence and trust?
Absolutely nothing.

Degrees and Certifications:

San Francisco State University – B.A. Anthropology; Minor: Human Sexuality Studies
University of Amsterdam – Sexuality Studies
University of NewcastleX – Human Reproduction: Sex, Science, and Society
CCSATC – Sexuality Educator Certification Series – People’s Republic of China
Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW – Sexual and reproductive health in primary care; STI & BBV nursing; Introduction to HIV
Sex Coach University – Certified Sex Coach
Northwest Institute on Intimacy – SAR series 2020
Australian College of Midwives – Pregnancy & Alcohol

Professional Philosophy:

During my work as a Certified sexologist and Certified sex and relationship coach I’ve found 3 reasons couples stop having sex:
1. Feeling undervalued or taken for granted which leads to conflict and, eventually, low or no sexual desire
2. Being unaware of your harmful and damaging sexual expectations leads to consistent dissatisfaction and disappointment
3. Sexual dysfunctions get in the way of authentic, vulnerable shared pleasure.

When you’re not taught how to communicate, listen, or show love, how can any of that be surprising?
The key to living your happily sexually ever after is simple. Follow my 5-step couple’s happiness formula.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

One-on-One coaching
Couples coaching
Group classes

Areas of Specialization:

Sex & porn dependency
Body image issues
Confidence issues
Prioritization issues
Communication issues
Kink acceptance & appreciation
Pleasure Products

Primary Audiences Served: