Doris Yadidi Micheletti: Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach – Worldwide | Relationship Coach | Intimacy Coordinator Film & TV

• Sex Coach
• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Expert
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

As a Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach, I make real connections with people I meet with love, light and compassion. The subject of sexuality and intimacy has always fascinated me. I know a great deal about sexuality through my training at Sex Coach U and powerful in person workshops.

Beyond all training, I have always felt a natural calling to be a safe container for others to heal, learn and flourish. It fills me with great joy when I can provide a sacred space for someone to discover their true sexual potential.

With wit, charisma, and acceptance, I want to bring sex, love, and intimacy back into people’s lives. I want to help people all over the world liberate their sexuality, shed the walls that hinder intimacy, and empower them to love.

Training, Certification and Ongoing Education and Professional Development:

• Certified Sex Coach™ through Sex Coach U
• Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training, led by Dr. Patti Britton
• Advanced Sexual Personal Explorational Xperience training, led by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Agata Loewe
• Member of World Association of Sex Coaches

Languages: English & Persian

Professional Philosophy:

Our sexuality plays an incredible role in our lives. Sometimes this is hindered by guilt, shame and negative messages. We can break through the negative and open up to the wonderful world of sexual and sensual pleasure. The more empowered we feel about our sexuality, the more confidence is trickled into all aspects of our lives.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I offer a safe environment to explore your sexuality without judgement. I come with an open heart, wit and believe that laughter is part of the process.

My clients consist of men, women and couples of all backgrounds and orientations, who have sexual challenges or concerns. Co-actively, we work together to make possible their goals to sexual fulfillment and wholeness.

Areas of Specialization:

• Low or No Sexual Desire
• Orgasm Challenges
• Early/Delayed Ejaculation
• Erection Challenges
• Sexual Inhibitions
• Body Image Issues
• Desire for Enhanced Pleasure
• Social/Dating Skills Concerns
• Little or No Sex In Relationship
• Deepen Intimacy with Partner
• Uneven Desire in Couples

Primary Audiences Served:

Men, women and couples of all backgrounds and orientations

Office Hours:

Flexible Hours With Virtual Sessions Worldwide

Skype ID: dorisyadidi