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Cam Fraser: Sex Coach, Certified Sexologist, and Tantric Yoga Teacher

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• Sex Therapist
• Counselor
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Social Worker
• Somatic Arts
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Cameron Fraser has dedicated his life to researching the phenomenological nature of the Human experience, from sensuality to spirituality. He is an authority on the evolution of Tantra and psychonautics, especially the development of awareness and mindfulness. He has had articles published in Paradigm Shift Magazine, poetry published in various anthologies and conducted studies concerning emotional intelligence as well as ethical decision making.

Cameron has studied Western psychology, sexology, counselling and psychotherapy at several prominent American and Australian universities. He is also a qualified Yoga teacher, Tantric masseur and guided meditation instructor. He has practiced Peyotism with the medicine men of the Sonoran Desert and has participated in a longitudinal study on psilocybin micro-dosing during his time in California. In Thailand, he ordained as a Buddhist monk of the Theravada tradition and, in Peru, he learnt Shamanism from the ayahuasqueros of the Amazon rainforest. A sect of the Aghori in India afforded Cameron the spiritual moniker “Priyadarshana,” meaning “He of Loving Vision.”

Cameron is a pioneer of conscious sexuality, participating in sacred sexuality workshops through the International School of Temple Arts. He has been honored by Lifeline WA with a community leadership award for championing the cause of mental health and emotional wellbeing. A successful speaker, he has addressed audiences at various universities and schools across America and Australia. As a World Association of Sex Coaches Certified Professional Sex Coach and an American College of Sexologists Certified Sexologist, he has also helped a diverse range of clients overcome their individual sexual struggles.

Qualifications & Experience
Love Bites Respectful Relationships Program Training with NAPCAN
​From Gender Dysphoria to Gender Euphoria with Relationships Australia
Sexual & Gender Diversity & Mental Health with WAAMH
Nuts & Bolts of Sexual Health with SHQ
Relationship Education with SECCA
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training with ISTA
Unleash Your Pleasure Power with Eyal Matsilah
Master Tantric Sex Program with Sapphire
Tantra Touch with Psalm Isadora
Discovering The Yoniverse with Elise Savaresse
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Aura Wellness
Yoga Exercises Course with ALISON
Shamanic Personal Development with ELIYAH
An Mo Tantric Massage Training with Cathy Wood
Traditional Usui Reiki Level I with Roger Weston
Graduate Diploma of Sexology from Curtin University
Diploma of Counselling from Open Colleges
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clarke University

Professional Philosophy:

It is my philosophy that all of your experiences are governed by three relationships; with your body and self, with your consciousness and deep self, and with your environment and the people around you. When these relationships are starved of respect and compassion – what I refer to as Sacredness – you can develop somatic, sexual and spiritual dysfunctions. I integrate scientifically validated, medically accurate information with esoteric teachings from the mystery traditions to create an holistic, all-inclusive, pleasure-positive practice.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Sex Coaching sessions, conducted online via Zoom or In-Person.

Tantric Yoga courses and workshops.

Adult Sex Education classes.

Online courses.

Areas of Specialization:

Do you want to:
Reignite your sexual energy and libido?
Experience more sexually than you are currently?
Experience more intimacy with your partner?
Improve your relationships and how you communicate with others?
Learn how to successfully and sensually relate to your lovers?
End disempowering relationships?
Make profound and positive changes in your life?
Feel empowered and build your confidence and self-esteem?
Discover new self-pleasure and self-love practices?
Experience more joy and love in your life?
Have a deeper understanding of yourself?
Awaken your ecstatic, orgasmic body and intensify your orgasms?
Move through guilt, shame and fear surrounding your sex and sexuality?
Move forward from past sexual childhood traumas?
Learn how to clearly communicate your needs, agreements and boundaries?
Have more abundance in all areas of your life?
Talk to someone who specialises in sexual health and sexual relationships?

​Although specialising in men’s sexual health and wellbeing, as a Sex Coach, Certified Sexologist, Counselor, An Mo Tantric Massage Therapist, and Tantric Yoga Teacher, I can help you with the above areas as well as assisting you to discover yourself, your beliefs, values, patterns and strategies. I also address common concerns such as vaginismus, sexual trauma and inhibitions, body dysphoria, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, performance anxiety as well as aversion to touch or misplaced touch communication and I see how we can implement changes for the positive.

Primary Audiences Served:

Men of all identities between the ages of 20 and 60