Anastasia Mikheeva: Certified Sex Therapist Since 2021

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sex Therapist
• Sacred Sexuality
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

PhD in clinical sexology candidate. (International Institute of Clinical Sexology, Miami, USA)
Master of Science in Yoga. (Swami Vivekanada Yoga Anusandana Samthana, Bengaluru, India)
Sex Educator. (Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis)
PhD in psychology, Russian University of People’s Friendship

Professional Philosophy:

I believe that healing of sexuality and blossoming of sexuality of each person is the key to happy life of humankind.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Course of Fundamental of psychological counselling and coaching in sexology by Anastasia Mikheeva
Course of Modern Sexual Tantra
Online Course of Yoga Therapy

Areas of Specialization:

Trauma Therapy, Modern Sexual Tantra, and Spiritual BDSM

Primary Audiences Served:

Heterosexual women, men and couples