Alisa Platschek, CSC: Clinical Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, Intimacy Specialist & Sex Coach

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• Counselor
• Sexuality Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Alisa is a Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sex & Intimacy Coach located in the greater NY area. Through years of experience seeking resolutions to sexual issues within past relationships, it led her on a path of education to explore resolving these delicate and sensitive issues through higher education. Alisa earned her bachelors of arts degree in psychology through Touro College and continued her education, becoming certified through Sex Coach University, learning from the sex coach pioneer herself, Dr. Patti Britton. Alisa offers her clients private and confidential one-on-one talk only sessions in person, over the phone, or from the comfort of your own home arranging your coaching sessions with you via Skype.

Professional Philosophy:

My mission is to expose my clients to their own sexual potential and bring awareness around sex/sexuality and sex positivity. Empowering my clients to learn about their bodies and how to embrace their sexual response cycle, improve body image, engage in healthy and fulfilling sex and bringing intimacy back into all my client’s lives.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I work with individuals and couples. By working with me one-on-one you’ll not only have access to my tips and techniques, but you’ll also gain a new and empowered mindset that will benefit you inside and outside the bedroom.

Areas of Specialization:

For women I work on the following issues: Low or no sexual desire, Difficulty experiencing orgasm (with or without a partner), Painful sex, Body Image concerns, Social dating skills & Desire for enhanced pleasure.

For men I work on the following issues (by referral only): Low or no sexual desire, Early or rapid ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Delayed ejaculation or orgasm, Body image concerns, Social dating skills & Desire for enhanced pleasure.

Primary Audiences Served:

Females & Couples

Skype ID: sexcoachalisa