This 3 day seminar is open for enrolment! Learn more by clicking here.


During this SEMINAR you will learn how to use the Triadic Model to work with:

1 The shy or socially-challenged

2 Those grieving from a breakup, a divorce, or the death of a partner

3 Those who lack sexual self-confidence

4 Survivors of abuse, assault, or trauma

5 Those who lack a positive body image

6 Those who struggle with emotional disconnect and physical dysfunction

Cost includes:

– 3 days of programming,

– Program materials, and

– 3 supervision hours for therapists and bodyworkers

This is the first step to apply for surrogate partner certification through the IMBT at the conclusion of the weekend. To learn more about the extended program, send a message to

To learn more about Mind Body Therapy, please check out these free webinar recordings. This is a great introduction to the work and can help you decide if this seminar series is for you.

Location: Philadelphia, PA