Learn Your Sex Languages to Supercharge Your Sex Life, Partnered or Not

Learn Your Sex Languages to Supercharge Your Sex Life, Partnered or Not

by Sacha Fossa, Holistic Sex, Intimacy, Relationship Coach, Educator and Healing Arts Practitioner. Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.

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Have you ever felt like you and a partner were not speaking the same language when it came to your likes and dislikes in the bedroom? Have you ever felt misunderstood for your preferences, and/or judged a partner for theirs? Have you ever created a groove in your intimate life, which then became a rut, and then became a grave? 

We Are Erotically Wired Differently

Every one of us has a unique erotic wiring, which describes what turns us on and how we most like to receive pleasure. How one person receives pleasure and experiences turn-on is completely different from how another person receives pleasure and experiences turn-on.

Learn Your Sex Languages

Perhaps you have heard of the 5 Love Languages developed by Gary Chapman?  

The model of 5 Love Languages addresses how you give and receive Love, and the Erotic Blueprints™ are the 5 Languages of Intimacy. The 5 Sex Languages!

In essence, your core blueprints indicate the unique way you, or your partner, get turned on. 

Erotic Blueprints For Intimate Empowerment

You can discover your own erotic map, how to navigate it, and get the tools you need to get your sexual needs met, solo and partnered through learning the erotic blueprint system. You can radically and immediately increase your erotic IQ by learning about these 5 different types of sexual wiring.

Having studied and trained in the Erotic Arts for two decades, when I learned about the Erotic Blueprint™ system (aka the sex styles or sex languages), that’s when my sex life, solo and partnered, really took off. The Erotic Blueprint system is fool proof for raising the roof on arousal and passion and clearing sexual shame, intimacy issues, and many more challenges one can encounter in the bedroom. 

Speaking Different Languages?

This blueprint system work will help turn misunderstanding, frustrations and differences into expansions in intimacy and pleasure. And not just the way you think you experience turn on, but how your body responds somatically.

Working with the Core Erotic Blueprints finally gives you a language to understand yourself and your partner sexually, it provides a clear path to reconciling sexual differences, busting through pleasure ceilings, and skyrocketing your sex life/lives. Limitless Expansion! You (both) reconnect with your sexual desire and ignite your libido, while finding out what specifically turns you on.

What turns you on can, and does often, change over time during different life and sexuality stages, and also day-to-day. Yet we may find that generally, we each have Core Erotic Blueprint(ing)™ that is our line of least resistance to our turn-on, as long as we are not repressing it. The blueprints each have shadow aspects, as well, and knowing about those can help us reorientate to the positive side. (To learn more about each individual blueprint and it’s positive and shadow side, watch this class.)

These Erotic Blueprints are important for your greater sexual satisfaction, deeper connection, and getting more of what you want, partnered or not. They also help to dismantle shame surrounding sex and bring about more sexual empowerment.

When we learn more about the other languages, and how to become more fluent in each, we become more erotically masterful. We realize that more often than not, when it comes to our partners, we are having a translation issue, not incompatibility.

Julianne Hough

Erotic Blueprints Saved Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Marriage

Recently, the blueprints hit the media (as seen in Oprah Magazine, Good Morning America, People, ABCNews, The View and more) when Julianne Hough explained that she had hired (the founder, creator, and my teacher, of the blueprints) sexologist Jaiya, to improve her sex and love life with Brooks Laich.

Julianne Hough talks about how working with an Intimacy Coach and learning the Erotic Blueprints helped them to “better understand each other’s intimate needs.” 

As a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, I guide clients through the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course, the same one Julianne Hough did, so you can experience deeper connection, more passion, pleasure, arousal and overall erotic liberation. 

Erotic Blueprint Coaching sessions and programs (in person and/or virtual) include practices, games, and exercises to deepen your knowledge and expansion in each of the Erotic Blueprints™. 

Partnered or not, diving into this blueprint system with me as your guide will epically improve your sex life. 

To begin your Erotic Blueprint education and find out your Sex Languages now…
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About Sacha Fossa

Sacha is an Erotic Arts coach, educator, healer and life long adventurer whose life and business motto is: Choose Pleasure As A Way Of Life! Click Here to find out more about Sacha. Visit her website https://sacredtemplearts.com to sign up for a complimentary consultation, take the Erotic Blueprint Quiz, and check out all her juicy offerings!