Tracy Jenks Wilson: Certified Sex Coach

• Sex Coach
• Sexuality Advocate

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

BSc, Certified Sex Coach

Tracy’s purpose as a Sex and Intimacy Life Coach is to guide and assist individuals and partnered relationships in bringing more PASSION to their lives, being the safe container for clients’ exploration of sexual concerns, and desires, through the talk-only coaching process.

Professional Philosophy:

I work with individuals whose sexual expression involves consenting, human adults, and believe that we can all move through the ups and downs of life, experiencing intimacy and sexual pleasure. A foundation of my work is body acceptance, positivity and love. I work with people to help them discover their best sexy selves, because that fire truly is within all of us!

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Individual and partner coaching face-to-face in the Ottawa area, phone coaching, workshops face-to-face and online.

Areas of Specialization:

Body Positivity
Mismatched partner libido
Post-partum sexual changes
Menopausal changes in desire

Primary Audiences Served:

Individuals and partnered relationships

Office Hours:

By Appointment Only