Rachel Alba, MA: Sex with Spirit, Christian Intimacy Coaching

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Sex Expert
• Clergy
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Tantra
• Religious/spiritual
• Christian
• Catholic

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

MA in Theology and Ministry from Boston College
Certified Sex Coach through Sex Coach U
BA in Communications/Theatre from Northwestern University

Growing up a devout Catholic, I was taught a lot of unhelpful things about sexuality. However, one good thing about being raised conservative is that you actually learn theology. The best thing I learned was the Catholic Church’s actual definition of Chastity: having an integrated body and soul. For years this idea motivated me. From dancing up to 20 hours a week in college, to studying Tantra and Kabbalah in NYC, to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Now I help others find that same body-soul integration. Drawing upon my Masters in Theology and Ministry specialized in Sexual Theology and Faith Development, and my certificate in Clinical Sexology, I can help you find your own path to having sex with spirit in a life-giving, sex-positive, spiritually enriching way regardless of where you are in life.

Professional Philosophy:

I believe you can find more satisfying, guilt-free sex (solo or partner sex) while growing in your faith. If you’re from a religious background, even if you no longer believe in god, and still feel guilt when you masturbate or have sex, you don’t just need someone who can help you delve into shame. You need someone who can help you come to a deeper understanding of faith and/or god (faith doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in god)

My coaching blends my experiences as a spiritual director, sexologist, theologian, and sex coach. You’ll increase your sexual freedom and grow spiritually.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

One-on-one coaching (via video chat); talks/lectures to church groups, campus groups, etc.

Areas of Specialization:

Christianity/Catholicism; LGBTQ; Spirituality; Couples; Celibacy; Fertility Awareness/NFP

Primary Audiences Served:

Women, Men, and Couples