Malyrah Landvatter: Somatic Sex Educator and Bodyworker in Calgary, Alberta

• Sex Educator
• Counselor
• Polyamory
• Somatic Arts

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Welcome All! My name is Malyrah (mah-leigh-raah).

I came to Somatic Embodiment after following one of the pioneers who brought the program to Canada. After taking some of their online courses, I was hooked and could not wait to learn more.

I have completed my Core Course 3 in my Somatic Sex Educator program. I am registered for Core Course 4 in June. This training is through the Somatic Sex Educators Association in Canada.

I started my Certificate of Sexological Bodywork (CSB) in September and completed my CSB in February. This training was through the Sea School of Embodiment in Dawlish, England.

I attended a Sexual Attitude Reassessment training in January in Gabriola Island, BC.

I attended Massage Training for Somatic Sex Educators in February in Victoria, BC.

I have completed my Intimacy Educator Training program in September, 2018.

I have completed “The Sexessible Practice” training in February, 2019 – focusing on creating an accessible practice to all students of all physical, emotional and mental disabilities.

I have completed the Like a Pro Training with Dr Betty Martin, April 2019 in Seattle.

I am working through a Holistic Peer Counselling Program.

I have attended University through multiple programs (Travel Counsellor, Bachelor of Education). All of my training have fostered a love of learning and brought me to a place of love of interaction, and working with Students to heal.

This work sings to my soul. I feel so filled up when I have an opportunity to facilitate my Students through their education, discussion, healing and growth. Each student I have brings new learning and growth to me, as an educator, and I look forward to learning with you!

I have a wonderful family who support and love me. I work with amazing colleagues all over the world.


Fees are available upon request. I offer “pay what you can” days, so please mention that in your message if that interests you. Also, I offer discounts to pre-purchased sessions, so if you are interested in multiple sessions then we can come to an arrangement about the fees for those as well. I am also available for house calls depending on the case (travel fees may apply).

Professional Philosophy:

My practice is focused on Client-led processes. We will walk together through all the options that my practice offers. We will work with any and all options that you, the Student, are drawn to exploring or experiencing.

Together we will work to find all areas and topics that interest. Then we begin our journey together.

We work at your pace, through all of the options in my toolbox. As we work together, we will explore any pressing topics or curiosities that arise.

I welcome all persons, over the age of 18, of any gender, sexual orientation, class, race, ethnicity, nationality, relationship orientation, physical or mental or emotional disability.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Session Offerings

Initial Meeting

Intake Interview – discussing the intake forms and where best we can direct our time and resources to the needs of the client

Talk/Consultations (video or in-person)

Coaching – 1 on 1
– couples
– Polyamorous Families/ Ethically Non-Monogamous Pods

Intimacy Coaching – sharing aspects of intimate/sexual history, current intimate/sexual activity and
future intimate/sexual desires
– Core Erotic Theme/Desires coaching
– Storytelling
– Words of Affirmation
– erotic Imagery/artwork/art creation sessions
– Embodiment Senses
– Mindset Realignment
– Guided Visualizations
– Deep listening
– Personal Ritual work

Sexual Energy work – this is a combination of Bodywork and Reiki, one hour session with 15 minute check-in and 15 minute re-connection

Bodywork (Sexological or otherwise)
– Bossy Session
– Genital Mapping
– Masturbation Coaching/Masturbation Theatre (in-person or over video)/Erotic Art Show
– Mindful Erotic Practice coaching
– Pelvic Release work
– Genital Show and Tell
– sensual massage
– Taoist Erotic Massage
– Ecstatic Erotic Massage
– Affirmation bodywork
– Intuitive Movement Sessions
– Active Receiving Session
– Scar Tissue Remediation
– Snowflake/Rosebud Massage
– Erotic Imagery/Imagining Session
– Active Receiving Session

Anatomy/Body Awareness

Wheel of Consent work

Boundary Coaching
– 3-minute Game Coaching
– come here/go away work
– assertive communication coaching
– role play/boundary work
– somatic senses
– Gender Galaxy work
– Spectrum of Response Work
– Yes, No, Maybe boundary working

Scar Tissue Remediation – home package for caster pack’s – includes: organic Caster Oil, Organic Cotton and instructions on massage techniques for scar remediation

Breathwork Coaching

Holistic Peer Counseling Sessions

Erotic Imagery/Artwork/Art Creation Sessions

Some of my clients come to see me for the following services:
Low or no desire
Low or no sex drive (aside from medical reasons/issues)
Absence of sensation (aside from medical reasons/issues)
Limited Sensations
Boredom in Sex life
Exploring who you are as an erotic being
Passionate Relationship, expanding possibilities for couples
Learning new ways of lovemaking
Understanding your body
Understanding your partner’s body
Becoming a better lover or more variety of touch in your sex life
Connecting with a partner
Self/other pleasuring techniques
Experiencing and learning Taoist Erotic Massage
Using Sexual aids
Exploring the intersection of sex and spirit
Increasing sexual satisfaction with self and partner and body
Moving beyond sexual fantasy
Healing vulva owner sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction (vulva or penis owners), premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation, erectile difficulties (vulva or penis owners)
Energetic alternatives to ejaculation
Reconnecting to sex after childbirth, menopause, or prostate surgery
Learning to experience and give a partner (penis or vulva owner) extended and multiple orgasms
Exploring and learning about genitals
Deciphering sexual identity
Body mapping
3D mapping
Genital mapping
Anal mapping
Prostate mapping (vulva or penis owners)
Pleasure mapping
G-spot exploration or mapping
Exploring squirting
Maintaining erection
Increasing self-care in sexuality
Experiencing pleasure without erection
Opening up to who you really are
Creating healing or sensual rituals for yourself
Creating healing or sensual rituals for connecting with partners
Opening up to who my partner/s really is/are
Communicating or discovering needs and desires
Chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, constrictions that inhibit sexual function, pain upon intercourse
Experiencing arousal in relaxed state
Being sexual with disability
Becoming more comfortable with your body
Building intimacy with a partner
Extending/expanding orgasmic states
Decreasing sensations from previous experiencing
Increasing reduced sensations from previous experiences
Working through guilt, shame, trauma, abuse
Differences in desires
Early Orgasm or difficulty in achieving orgasm
Premature ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction or difficulties
Delayed Ejaculation
Pain connected to sex
Expressing difficulties around your sexuality
Extending/expanding orgasmic states
Decreased sense of connection with partner
Fears around sexual contact or activities
Inability to communicate about your sexual needs and desires
Poor body image
Inability to sexually satisfy yourself
Lack of genital sensation
Increase or decrease libedo
Sex coaching and embodiment therapies are available to clients who are wishing to learn more about their bodies, sex, gender, orientation, and sexuality. Our sessions and modalities can assist with expanding sexual options and creating informed voice and choice for clients, along with developing new skills, gathering more information and techniques and working through concerns with sexual issues.
Sex coaching and embodiment therapies assist clients in becoming more aware of embodiment practices, breathing techniques and somatic awareness to expand the discussion into how and what your body is experiencing and work together to create a plan of action for your body needs and goals. Further enhancing pleasurable experiences and body sensation awareness.
Enhancing Intimacy
More technique and information about touch and pleasure
Further knowledge, technique and information about anatomy and physiology
Ejaculation Choice
Exploring Sexuality
Learning more about communication about, during and after sex including informed voice and choice for styles, types of touch and pleasure and ensuring all parties are experiencing the types of touch they are looking for
Using somatic awareness and sensory inclusion (breath, sound, movement) to enhance sensations and intimacy
Experiencing a range of orgasmic sensations
Scar tissue remediation from Gender Reassignment Surgery, Tubal Ligation, Cesaerian Section, C-section, episiotomy, tearing of the perineal tissues, Breast surgeries, Reconstructive cancer surgeries, mastectomy surgery, childbirth, circumcision, appendectomy, prolapse, hernia, anal fissures and tearing, internal and external sexual abrasions (vaginal, anal, penis), abdominal surgery, erectile dysfunction surgery, paralysis, limb loss, limb surgery, and a variety of other injuries and scars.
Completion of the questionnaire (found here) and returning it to us, provides us with details that we can then use to begin our process of session planning and ensuring all your goals and wishes for our work are achievable.

Areas of Specialization:

– Somatic and Sexological bodywork
– Scar Remediation
– Disability related services/Accessible Practice
– Consent work
– Myofascial Release
– Intimacy coaching

Primary Audiences Served:

All bodies, all people, all genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, ethnicities, classes, disabilities, relationship orientations

Office Hours:

Please email for Available Hours

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