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Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Resident of Atlanta, Georgia. The only girl of 6 children (5 brothers)! I am continuing my education in pursuit of my Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling with plans of becoming a sex therapist. I became interested in studying sexuality due to my curiosity with sex and the Bible and religion as a whole. I discovered this was the career for me when reading the book by Dr. Sadie Allison entitled “Tickle Your Fancy” and became fascinated with the way she approached masturbation that was user friendly. I also currently work with a major non-profit organization counseling and rehabilitating victims of sex trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia.

My approach to coaching adults is to help you to create your ideal love scene authentically and actualizing it through mind, body, and spirit using innovative activities and services. In my sessions, it is all about YOU and YOUR SEX LIFE and we combine forces to create a plan that is effective for you to reap results. No two people are alike so there’s no need for a cookie cutter approach. In addition to coaching, I may make recommendations based on your unique concerns (herbal, oils, diet, etc) and I am knowledgable of the body and performing various sex acts safely. Through massage therapy, I also treat infertility, dyspareunia, vaginissmus, erectile dysfunction, pelvic dysfunctions and injury, and so much more!

I also have created a service to work with businesses and organizations. This is a consultation service that can help organizations address what is necessary for the safety and security of their clientele and employees. This includes addressing policies, procedures, and human resources concerns that can affect your company when it comes to sexuality and gender identity and relations. For example, I can assist you with updating your policies, procedures, and human resources to properly and effectively serve Transgender employees and clients.

I look forward to helping you create your love scene!

Professional Philosophy:

You can be as sexy as you want!
What happens outside the bedroom reflects inside the bedroom (and vice versa)
Sex energy is life energy -Osho
Have great sex… responsibly!

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Services can be conducted via Skype, Phone, or In-Home (local only).

Services included:
Coaching for Individuals (Cis- & Trans- People)
Coaching for Partnerships/Couples/Marriages
Youth Education
Consultations for Businesses and Organizations
Massage & Bodywork

Areas of Specialization:

Female and Male Concerns
Couples/Partnership Concerns
G-Spot Play
Anal Play
Kink & Fetish
Pelvic Injuries and Dysfunctions for Women and Men

Primary Audiences Served:

All Audiences Served

Skype ID: KeishaKnowsSex