Kelly Hamilton: Sex Coach and Therapist

BDSM Practitioner/Specialist
Kink Specialist
Polyamory Specialist
Sacred Sexual Intimate
Sex Coach
Sex Expert
Sex Therapist
Sexual Healer

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Kelly holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently working on her doctoral dissertation. She is a therapist and sexologist, working primarily with couples. In addition, Kelly is Chair of West Coast University’s First Year Seminar, and teaches courses in psychology, philosophy, and Capstone. She is a published writer.

Professional Philosophy:

Sex coaching is a gateway to discovering the authentic sexual-self:
*A safe space where you are free to look at your experience of sexuality without fear of judgement.
*A spacious space where you are given room to discover and grow.
*A confident and trusting space where you will feel courageous in moving-thru challenges, old habits, and old emotional-spaces.
*A space of truth where you can rely upon me to be an honest mirror and in-turn, feel safe in looking at your own self-truths.
*A space of connection where you will not be alone in this journey. I am here, traveling beside you.
*A space of aliveness where you will awaken your senses and feel your whole-being resonate.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Individual, couples, and field coaching available

Areas of Specialization:

Body image issues, sexless relationships, healing after infidelity, trusting love and your partner, lack of desire, early or delayed ejaculation

Primary Audiences Served:

Over 18, all gender orientations

Office Hours: