Jennifer Mull: Certified Sex & Life Coach, Surrogate Partner Facilitator, Certified Integrated Energy Therapist

•Sex Coach
•Sex Educator
•Sex Expert
•BDSM Specialist
•Sacred Sexuality
•Somatic Arts
•Certified Surrogate Partner Therapy

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Jen is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ananda Integrated Healing Group which provides Surrogate Partner Therapy under Licensed Therapist Oversight and Coaching Supervision.

Jen is both a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Sex Coach, and trained in Sensate Touch, Erotic Massage, Sacred Touch & Therapeutic Release.
Jen is certified in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), and holds a Masters in Finance.

Ananda Integrative Healing Group

On Fire 4 Life

Professional Philosophy:

We create the environment where clients can find healing, education, and create a joyful life.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

The healing team at Ananda Integrative Healing Group is certified & experienced in all healing & life transformation modalities. Surrogate Partner Therapy is conducted in the Philadelphia area under AIHG guidelines with only AIHG Surrogate Partners, and offers handicap accessibility. Clients include all genders, orientations & lifestyle preferences. Weekend intensives are available for clients traveling from a distance, as well as weekly or bi-weekly sessions convenient for clients from NYC to DC.

Resources available through AIHG are impressive and life-changing: Hypnotherapy, Reiki Energy & Integrated Energy Healing, Sex Coaching, Trauma Therapy & Counseling, Meditation & Chakra Balancing, Spiritual & Soul Purpose Discovery, and all levels of Touch Therapy & Practical Education.

Areas of Specialization:

AIGH team members are trained in all fields of sexual healing, and specifically in the needs of: Military Community PTSD & Traumatic Injury (Veterans & Active), Adults on the Autism/Aspergers/ADD Spectrum, Adults with Disabilities, and Gender & Cultural Sensitivity.

Primary Audiences Served:

Men, Women, Couples of all Races, Orientations and Gender Identities

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