Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD: Sociologist & Sexuality Speaker

• Sex Coach
• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• Counselor

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

As a sociology PhD, sexuality speaker, and relationship & intimacy counselor/coach, Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus creates safe spaces for exploring the complex topic of sex. Dr. Jenn is a frequent presenter about sexual empowerment, healthy relationships, body image, erotic play, sexual health, and mindful sex. She has two TEDx Talks under her belt, is a writer on sex and relationships, and a recurring intimacy expert on the San Diego morning news. Dr. Jenn is also an active philanthropist and leader within the Women Give San Diego donor’s circle. Her In the Den with Dr. Jenn video series has over a million hits on YouTube and she is an expert in the recently released documentary on masturbation, called Sticky: A (Self) Love Story.

Professional Philosophy:

I believe we are all sexual beings from birth until death, and have a right to explore and enjoy this part of being a human as we choose, in consenting environments. My mission is to create a paradigm shift around gender, sexuality, and sexual health, so that we all may learn to develop a healthy sexuality and happy relationships, without blame or shame. I integrate a holistic approach to my work, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual components, with the teaching of mindfulness skills at the core of my work.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I do public speaking and trainings, from small workshops to large auditoriums.
I’m not taking new coaching clients.

Areas of Specialization:

Mindfulness & sex, female sexual empowerment, holistic sexuality & sexual health education, communication between genders, women with low desire in long-term relationships

Primary Audiences Served:

Adults of all ages