Heather Cameron: Sexual liberations is within your grasp!

• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Coach
• Counselor
• Hypnotherapist

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Clinical Sexologist
Certified Sex Coach
Certified Counsellor
Certified Hypnotherapist

Professional Philosophy:

At Liberated Connections we believe that all people deserve to feel liberated in their sexual connections with themselves and their partners. We believe that sexual acceptance is a vital aspect of living a healthy, fulfilled life.

Our purpose and mission is to help individuals and couples to connect holistically with themselves and /or their partners.

We feel that sexual liberation can be achieved through education and solution focused counselling / coaching sessions to help you overcome your sexual concerns and road blocks.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

We work with such issues such as:

• Sexual anxiety
• Little to no sex in relationship
• Aversion to touch or misplaced touch communication.
• Conflicts about desire / low or no sexual desire / uneven desire.
• Conflicting values about monogamy / affairs
• Trying to conceive
• Postnatal sexuality
• Body image concerns
• Difficulties reaching orgasm with or without a partner.
• Painful sex
• Early ejaculation
• Erectile dysfunction
• Performance skills
• Social / dating challenges

Areas of Specialization:

Sexual Anxiety

Primary Audiences Served:



Our Address:

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada