Dr. Janet Morrison: Health Care Professional since 1981

Clinical Sexologist
Sex Coach

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

I obtained certifications in Clinical Sexology, Sex Education and Erotology and earned my PhD in Human Sexuality from IASHS. I received my certification in Sex Coaching through Sex Coach U, under the direction of world renowned Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap and have been enjoying an active private practice in Sex Coaching since 2012. I joined the Sex Coach U faculty in 2013 as the Director of Curriculum and Student Adviser, where I enjoy using my expertise to guide students on their journey to certification.
I have been an RN, BSN since 1981 and have practiced in most areas of nursing. As a holistic healer, I have used my skills as a Reiki ll Practitioner, Certified Laughter Leader,Healing Clown, Lay Midwife, Lactation Consultant, dancer, musician and artist to guide clients to optimal wellness.

Professional Philosophy:

I believe that sexuality is a natural, health enhancing activity that can enrich people’s lives emotionally, spiritually and physically.
I am very comfortable with the subject of human sexuality in all its forms, and find a great sense of fulfillment helping others achieve whatever sexuality goals they may have. There is no judgment or pathological diagnosis in my coaching approach. I appreciate that everyone is unique, and I do not use a “one size fits all” plan.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I offer one on one, couple and small group Skype and phone sessions, local workshops and presentations, and guest speaking.

Areas of Specialization:

I specialize in Baby Boomer sexuality, especially Boomer women in older women/younger men age gap relationships, sexless partnerships, reclaiming postpartum sexuality and comprehensive sex education (offered one on one, small group and parent/child).

Primary Audiences Served:

Adults age 18-80

Office Hours:

Hours available between 8am and 8pm MST to meet clients’ needs