Dr. Cari R. Oneal, PhD: Sexual Wellness and Psychological Surgeon

•Sex Coach
•Clinical Sexologist
•Sex Educator
•EFT “Tapping” Practicioner

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

PhD, Human Sexuality
Certified Professional Sex Coach
Certified Clinical Sexologist
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) Master Training
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering


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Professional Philosophy:

As a Sexologist, I concern myself with what people are doing (or not doing, or wish to do) sexually and how they feel about it. Often times sexual expression is defined by fear, confusion, shame, obligation – anything but pleasure and joy! I practice as a Sexual Wellness Coach empowering people: to find and rid themselves of their conscious and subconscious blocks to experiencing the sexual intimacy they desire; to remove the conflicts between an accepted “day image” and one’s true sexual expression; and to become totally comfortable and sexually confident with themselves and their partner. I teach people how to Own Their Sexuality on their terms and to bring that mojo into every other aspect of their life. I fully believe that a person CAN own their sexuality AND KEEP their day image. Change your sexual confidence and you will change your life. “Become sexually confident, it’s a vital piece of your life force.”

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Virtual Coaching for Individuals and Couples
Classes and workshops on a variety of topics
Speaking Engagements

Areas of Specialization:

Optimal Sexual Health and Well-being
Sexual Self-concept (Your beliefs about who you are; conscious/unconscious)
Sexual Confidence and Empowerment
Sexual Trauma

Primary Audiences Served:

Self-made adults. People who want great things, are willing to work, realize that achievement isn’t a straight line, and who want more from their sexual skillsets and energy. I am sex-positive to all people; however my clientele are generally heterosexual.

Office Hours:

By appointment

Skype ID: Dr. Cari Oneal