Dr. Cari Oneal: Own What Matters: Sex, Psychology & Relationships

• Sex Coach
• Clinical Sexologist
• Sex Educator
• Alternative Relationship Styles
• EFT “Tapping” Practitioner

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

PhD, Human Sexuality
Certified Professional Sex Coach
Certified Clinical Sexologist
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) Master Training
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering


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Professional Philosophy:

Ex-Mormons, Lifestyle, open relationships, Swingers and otherwise “sexual experimenters” are a big majority of my clientele because they are highly motivated and want results. That said, I’m really in the human behavior and brain science business. It’s difficult if not impossible to develop self-confidence and enjoy the pleasures of sexual expression(s) when elements of trauma, shame and beliefs that you “can’t or shouldn’t” are present. It’s a rare person who hasn’t had their sexual beliefs hijacked at some point to where they “just can’t do it” (whatever that may be) by sheer force of will.

Beliefs that hold you hostage are real and will keep you from moving forward until rooted out and processed. I work with HUMAN BEHAVIOR – sexual and non-sexual because often they are entwined. My bias as a clinician and the focus of my Ph.D. was Sexual Wellbeing for the HUMAN CONDITION. What is healthy for YOU? YOU decide what that is, and that’s where we’ll go.

I am an EFT (Energy Freedom Technique/Tapping) practitioner and we can rewire your beliefs about who you are to make it safe for YOU to determine what’s right and safe for YOU. Reach out, you’re worth the effort to heal and so are your relationships!

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Virtual Coaching for Individuals and Couples
Classes and workshops on a variety of topics
Speaking Engagements

Areas of Specialization:

Optimal Sexual Health and Well-being
Sexual Self-concept (Your beliefs about who you are; conscious/unconscious)
Sexual Confidence and Empowerment
Sexual Trauma
Transgender somatic response

Primary Audiences Served:

Alternative lifestyle/relationship styles, people who want and need results, are willing to work, realize that achievement isn’t a straight line, and who want more from their sexual skill sets and energy. I am sex-positive to all people; my clientele are generally heterosexual and bisexual. I’ve had tremendous success with transgender somatic response recovery.

Office Hours:

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