Sc. Anthea Balfour : For the Coming together of Spirit & Science

• Sex Educator
• Sex Expert
• Sex Therapist
• Counselor
• Sacred Sexuality
• Sexuality Advocate
• Somatic Arts
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

I have been working with men, woman, couples and families since 2014 – facilitating in their understanding of the wisdom of their bodies. As a Functional Nutritional Therapist and Initiated Tantra Practitioner, it is my honour to be of service to others and to be in the privileged position of holding a mirror so that they can witness themselves in their entirety.

I have supported those in recovery of chronic illnesses and have advised on weight management, hormonal dysfunction and emotional dis-ease. Taking my passion for the Human body and spirit to new depths, I have taken my studies in somatic sexuality / sexological bodywork very seriously, immersing myself fully in the theoretical and practical understanding of its application with the support, supervision and guidance of industry mentors, professional associates and clinical practitioners.

Further to studying the Ancient Knowledge of Tantra and the Tao under the tutelage of my teacher Sri Sultan Chan, I am dedicated to facilitating the conscious awakening of ones True Self through the unearthing of deeply repressed emotions and the reigniting of sustainable bliss and pleasure within my clients lives.

Using the discipline of sexual transmutation, also known as the harnessing of our Vital Energy, I invite each individual in my care to gain a natural, authentic understanding of themselves, mind, body and Soul with sincere insight into what makes them uniquely Human.

It is my firm belief that it is my earthly purpose to educate, inspire and evolve our human collective into a new paradigm of living – through my work in Human sexuality, Sacred sexuality and Somatic sexuality. I want to continue exemplifying my commitment to the progression of a sex-positive, sexually empowering and deeply healthy sexual society, which understands and respects their power as creators of their reality.

Personal & professional Development:

Psalm Isadora – Intimacy & Sexuality
Ester Perel – Relationship Counselling and Coaching
Robbins-Madanes Training Institute – Coaching For transformation
Procter-Gallagher Institute – Life Coaching & Mindset
Scott Harris – Life Coaching and Motivational Masterclass
Diploma Functional Nutritional Therapy
Diploma Body Healing
BA – Psychology

Further personal study:

Trauma Counselling
Somatic Experiencing
Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Coaching
Sexological Body Work – Joseph Kramer Phd
Somatics & Trauma – Dr Bessell Van Der Kolk
Physiology, Psychology and Neuro-plasticity – in relation to trauma – Dr Peter Levine
Consent , ethic, boundaries & Best Practice: Betty Martin
Shamanic Medicine, Tantra, Subtle Energies – Dr Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Applied Energetics – Amit Goswami
Epigenetics – Bruce Lipton
Spirit, Matter and the electromagnetic Field – in relation to the unified field: Gregg Braden
Sexual Transmutation – Mantak Chia, David Dieda, Babaji, Osho, Sadhguru,M. Naglowska, P.B Randolph
Under standing the human body and bio energetics – Atom Bergstrom
Understanding the human mind – Charles Haanel – The Master Key System
Lomi Lomi Massage – Kamu Karen Leialohu Corell


Please enquire for a personalised program.
Prices start from $150

Professional Philosophy:

I am a Lover and celebrator of Life and truly believe that one’s empowerment and freedom comes from the simple acceptance of one’s own fragility and vulnerability – and allowing for this acceptance to bring forth compassion for self and others.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Couples Relationship & Intimacy Counselling
Female empowerment workshops (sacred sexuality)
Somatic Bodywork
Mindfulness Behavioural Therapy

Areas of Specialization:

Couples Relationship & Intimacy Counselling
Sexual Trauma

Primary Audiences Served:

Men, women, Couples

Office Hours:

Monday to Saturday

Skype ID: live:a656b3324c628082