Anna Linde: Sex coach. Dance & Movement Therapist. Sex Therapist (CBT). Certified Couples Coach.

• Sex Coach
• Sex Therapist
• Counselor
• Sacred Sexuality
• Social Worker
• Somatic Arts
• Tantra

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Sexological Bodyworker in Training (First course completed)
Master in Sexology (90 p, as we speak)
Dance- & Movementtherapy (45 p)
Counseling, CBT (45 p)
Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (210 p)


140 Euro/h

Professional Philosophy:

I’m here to help adoptees disconnect shame and reconnect intimacy. As well as helping traumatized moms reclaim sexual health. And everyone there, in between.

Let’s ask your body how, and where it feels. Let’s start from the place where you are now, to discover the road to the place where you want to be, and with whom you would like to be there.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

Masterclass for Adoptees that wants to disconnect shame and reconnect with intimacy, away from their traumas.
Masterclass for Traumatized moms to reclaim sexual health.

Areas of Specialization:

Sexual Trauma, Birthtraumas
Adoptees challenges in recovering from trauma and regaining sexual health, lust, and intimacy
Parents to children/teens with NPF and how to support them to get a good sexual health

Primary Audiences Served:

Adoptees. Women with birth trauma/sexual trauma. Couples that need counseling.

Office Hours:

0800-2000, depending on Timezone.