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About Lucy Rowett

Lucy Rowett is a sex and relationships coach and clinical sexologist based in Brighton, United Kingdom. As one of the few Sex Coach U trained sex coaches in the United Kingdom, she is passionate about practicing sex coaching as a discipline in its own right and being sex-positive in her private practice. Her specialty is empowering women to release sexual shame and be able to embrace pleasure to have truly satisfying relationships. Her approach is non-pathologizing, holistic, person-centered, and sex-positive, focusing on giving her clients permission to be who they really are. She draws on her background in Tantra and conscious sexuality and fuses it with clinical sexology, embodiment, and practical steps to getting what you really want in bed. She is proud to be the organizer of the UK’s first and only interdisciplinary group of sexuality professionals, Brighton Sexuality Professionals. It’s a group of sex coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, tantrikas, surrogates, journalists, and sex workers to promote conversations and learning across different disciplines to give clients a better standard of care. She is also a social media and digital communications strategist for sexuality professionals and sex coaches, empowering them to get show up, get visible online and reach more clients. Contact Lucy through her website here Specialties: Low desire, No orgasm, Sexless relationships, Sex with chronic illness, Sex with disabilities, Sexual communication, Pleasure, Sex and spirituality, Conscious sexuality, Religious beliefs, Porn literacy