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SCU affiliated applicants have access to a fast track application process. Contact Us for more information if you are an SCU Student, Graduate, or Expert Faculty!


Sex coaching is the cutting edge. Don’t you want to be part of the new sexual revolution?

The World Association of Sex Coaches (WASC) is the certifying body for sex coaching worldwide. Here are the top 5 reasons to take your career to the next level and join us today!

Reason #1: Credentials

Your clients want to know that they are working with one of the best.

World Association of Sex Coaches members must demonstrate competency in sexology and coaching through the comprehensive application form and the application interview. Members must embrace the Association’s statement on Ethics.

Graduates of Sex Coach University automatically qualify for membership, based on the rigor and content of the Sex Coach University curriculum. Contact us for a referral to Sex Coach University to learn more about the Certified Sex Coach programs.

As a member, you are able to display the WASC credential on your promotional materials, and will be provided with a digital logo to use on your website.

Reason #2: Professional Development

You want to keep your knowledge up to date, and to build a thriving business.

Members of the Association have access to valuable continuing professional development, including paid access to specialist ecourses taught by leading sexologists and business experts through Sex Coach University. Additionally, inclusive in the annual membership dues, members have access to a members-only repository of tools and content focused on business success.

Reason #3: Professional Networking

It can get lonely working as a sexuality professional, can’t it? It can feel like you are all alone.

So get connected! Remember how it was to be on your training course, with so many other sex positive, committed, inspirational people? We will help you keep that feeling alive – our members make up the largest global community of sex coaches.

Reason #4: Media Engagement

Sex is a lightening-rod topic covered every day in the media.

Through the International Directory of Sex Coaches and the Media Center, the World Association of Sex Coaches is a resource for connecting journalists to sex experts. Our members have a wide range of expertise – a valuable asset when journalists are seeking expert input.

Additionally, we help members create a basic media kit, which can be linked to your member listing.

Reason #5: Attract Clients

You want to thrive in this business, don’t you? You want a steady stream of high paying clients.

Inclusive in the annual membership dues, members receive a listing in the International Directory of Sex Coaches. Prospective clients can contact you directly from the Directory, generating new sex coaching referrals.

We want you to be part of our global community, to be part of the new sexual revolution!

Apply today! Give a massive boost to your career dreams with us right by your side.