Be Yates, M.A.: Fall in Love with Your Life Inside and Outside the Bedroom!

•Clinical Sexologist
•Sex Coach
•Sex Educator
•Sex Expert
•Sacred Sexuality

Biography, Degrees and Certifications:

Masters in Education, Certified Circler Facilitator, Sexological Bodywork Training, Tantra Counselor trained with Shawn Roop, Life Lift Facilitator, training with Charles Muir’s Source Tantra, Contact Improv dance teacher, Authentic Man Program Facilitator (AMP), and extensive training in Landmark Education.

Professional Philosophy:

The reason I devote myself to the revolutionary and powerful work of sex coaching is simple: I want to give everyone a chance at the same freedom I found. In my late 20’s I courageously faced big fears by attending an orgasmic meditation workshop where I finally discovered my clitoris. The experience of stimulation went from pain and terror to pleasure in a matter of minutes, changing my life forever. From there, I set out on a journey of transforming my personal history of sexual abuse, shame, and guilt without looking back. With more than 12 years experience as a pioneering educator, I bring a unique blend of professional know-how, authentic communication and personal vulnerability to my practice. Compassionately I guide you to venture boldly into the unknown territory of sexual liberation and become your most radiant self—in the bedroom and beyond.

Range of Services/Programs Offered:

I combine a variety modalities such as relational exercises, sexological bodywork, somatic awareness, visualizations, tantric practices, communication skills, and sex education.

I offer in person, Skype or phone 1:1 coaching to females, males and couples as well as facilitate workshops.

Some examples may include:
– Self-pleasure coaching
– Female/Male anatomy and pleasure education
– Relationship & Dating coaching
– Chakra Toning (Vibrational sounding on the body on the chakras)
– Body shame clearing
– Self-pleasure coaching
– Yoni healing
– Sacred spot healing

Areas of Specialization:

– Sexual Difficulty/dysfunction
– Sexual shame, guilt, or embarrassment
– Lack Of Self Esteem
– Confusion or lack of sexual education
– Negative body image or body shame
– Sexual Trauma

Primary Audiences Served:

Women who desire to feel sexually empowered!

Office Hours:


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